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Becoming Part of the Katie's Krops Growing Family

Receiving a grant from Katie's Krops is so much more than just funding to start a garden. Youth who receive grants from Katie's Krops become part of the Katie's Krops growing family. They grow a healthy end to hunger in their community and positively impact the health of their cities and towns. They have an opportunity to travel to the all-expense paid Katie's Krops Camp and expand their knowledge of agriculture and giving back. They have opportunities to win scholarships and they are eligible for funds to keep their gardens growing, season after growing season. Youth who receive grants from Katie's Krops change the world, one vegetable garden at a time.

So how can you become a part of the Katie's Krops growing family?

Here is what you need to know:

·       Once a year, Katie's Krops hosts a grant cycle for youth, ages 9 to 16, to win a grant to start a Katie's Krops vegetable garden in their community, where the whole harvest is donated to people in need.

·       Grant cycles begin October 1st and close December 31st. Grant winners are notified February. This timeframe is the only time of the year that funding is provided for Katie's Krops gardens. The grant application will be available on October 1st.

·       A child, or a group of children, can apply as long as they fall within the age range of 9 to 16 and live in the United States.

·       Grantees are awarded a gift card to a garden center of their choice in their area, have support from Katie’s Krops, and are given a digital camera to document the garden and the harvest.

Applications for all types of vegetable gardens, such as a container garden if you live in a city or a vegetable garden located in your neighborhood or at your school, will be considered. The grantee decides where the garden will be grown. The grant winners also determine where they will donate their harvest, which is based on the need in their community. As an example, the harvest can be used to support classmates in need, homeless shelters, food banks, or for neighbors in need.

What is required of our growers?

·       Katie's Krops grant winners are required to start and maintain a vegetable garden for a minimum of one planting season. It is our hope that they will continue on with their garden, season after season, thereby creating a sustainable solution to hunger in their community. Many of our young growers pass their gardens on to siblings and classmates. The passing down of a garden is a wonderful gift and it is a reflection of the spirit of giving that we embody at Katie's Krops.

·       The grantee(s) must donate the entire harvest from the garden to people in need in their community. This may be done through direct donations to families in need or by donating the harvest to soup kitchens or organizations that feed the needy.

·       Grantees are required to submit photos and a brief report on their progress, which includes the amount of produce they have grown, volunteers who have helped, donations made, and what they have learned from their experience.

·       Grantees and their parent or legal guardians are required to sign a letter agreeing to the above.

·       Grantees also must submit a photo release signed by their parent or legal guardian to Katie’s Krops.

We are very proud of the difference our young growers are making across the United States. We look forward to expanding our growing family and reaching Katie's goal of at least one Katie's Krops Garden in each of the 50 states. We are more than half way there, and with your help, we can accomplish this goal soon.

The number of grants we award is dependent on donations made to Katie's Krops. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or donating the funding for a garden in your state, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


 We are very excited to welcome 31 new Katie's Krops Growers to our young growing family!

Farrah   Age 9  Alabama

Farrah has her garden on the grounds of her after school program.  She determined that 3 out of every 10 children in her community has gone to bed hungry at some point.  The harvest will be donated to the after school and summer program, Girls, Inc. 

Denali   Age 11  Alaska

Denali's garden will be grown at her school. Her plan is to grow many vegetables in Alaska's very short growing season.  The produce will be donated to her school and distributed every Friday to the Backpack Buddies program which sends food home with students for the weekend.  Most of the food in this program is processed and this garden will give many families fresh vegetables. She is a member of the school's garden program.  Denali will start the first Katie's Krops Alaska garden!

Eli  Age 9  Arkansas

Eli planted his garden on the grounds of the Boys and Girls Club of Saline County and they had one half acre devoted to the garden space.  The center is attended by almost 400 children each day! Many help with watering, weeding and maintaining the garden.  The families of these children are receiving the vegetables.  

Shelby  Age 11  Arkansas

Shelby is a member of 4H and has built the garden near her parent's garden.  She enjoys community service and her garden is a way of giving back.  Shelby has attended some classes through a Master Gardener's program. The produce will be distributed to a Senior Center and through the Housing Authority.  Welcome to Katie's Krops Shelby.

The Sheriff's Youth Activities League  California

This group has started a vegetable garden to promote healthier eating habits and to help their families during financial hardships. Sergeant De La Rosa, and mentor is Ms. Patti will assist 13 new Katie's Krops growers with their garden.  The donations of the produce will go to as many people as possible in their community. They state, "With all the proper equipment and encouragement from Katie's Krops we are sure this will be a great success."

Fischer Middle School  California

The garden is on the school grounds.  City Year Corps Member will assist with the garden and tutor the students in the care of the garden.  The school has students that are in need of good nutrition to promote good health and the harvest will be donated to these families directly. 

Abby Age 12  Connecticut

Abby will plant her garden in her yard using raised garden beds.  She has tended to her own strawberry patch since she was 5 years. The family has even added a peach and apple tree to their yard. Her produce will be donated to Hockanum Valley Community Council who are thrilled to receive the produce. 

Mary Age 13  Florida

Mary is a first time gardener and is excited learn and to then teach others to garden.  Her garden is 3 boxes of 12'x10'.  The produce will be donated to St. Martin de Porres Community Outreach program that distributes the food each Monday.  She will also deliver directly to anyone in need.  Happy Growing Mary!

Brantley  Age 12 Georgia

Brantley is a volunteer at Hoofs 4 Healing, a riding therapy center.  His garden will be on the grounds and his garden has large spaces between rows to accommodate wheelchair bound children.  There are no food pantries in his area and he will host 'Banquet Days' to distribute his harvest.  He has the help of the area police and firemen to help spread the word!

Micah  Age 10  Illinois

Using gardening experience from obtained from a garden club, Micah will grow a backyard garden.  Micha feels when people are happy by getting help from others they will be more likely to help others. If everyone helped each other there would be less crime. Welcome Micha!

Helene Age 11 Illinois

Helene has helped people in need before and found that it made an impression on the community. She has also worked with organizations such as Feed My Starving Children and the Northern Illinois Food Bank. The garden is behind her school in an area that has lots of sun. Teachers and students from the school will volunteer in the garden.  The harvest will be delivered to the Food Bank and Mount Sinai Baptist churches.

Tara Age 11  Indiana

Tara's garden is in her backyard and although she does not have experience in gardening she is confident and excited about growing vegetables and fruits.  The donations will be delivered to The Caring Center and to a church.  She has enlisted her brother's help for heavy lifting!  

Isabella Age 10  Kentucky

Isabella has made a raised garden with recycled pallets and her family has bee hives which help with the pollination of the plants.  She uses a rain barrel for watering.  Isabella states that even though she is 10 she can create a garden without a problem and feels that even a small garden will have a positive impact on her community. We couldn't agree more Isabella! Her produce will be given to Lifeline Ministries.  

Isaac  Age 16  Louisiana

Isaac was motivated to grow a garden after driving through low income areas near his school.  He got involved tutoring in this area and now has a garden to help with nutrition.  His garden is at a recreation center by his school.  The produce is distributed to the needy families that live near the garden.  He has plans for a mini farmer's market with cooking demonstrations. 

Alivia, Teagan, Gracie Mae, Hannah, Sydney and Abigail  Ages 11 & 12  Maine        

This group of four started a Garden Club to help make their school greener. One of the member made a presentation to the Parent Organization and succeeded in getting money to plant garlic!  They also hosted a station at their school to give information on their project and served Kale Chips!  Katie's Krops may need the recipe!

Katie Age 15  Massachusetts

Katie has been a dedicated Katie's Krops volunteer in Summerville, South Carolina for 3 years. Her family relocated to Massachusetts last year and she was excited to start a Katie's Krops garden in her new community. Katie will plant her garden at the Community Gardens in Belmont and the produce donations will be made to the Greater Boston Food Bank.  

Wendy Age 11 Massachusetts

Wendy has her garden in a former flower bed at a housing development. She has started her seeds indoors at the community center to lengthen the growing season.  She states that although she did not have too much gardening experience her Mother used to farm a lot in China.  The produce is donated to Harvest On The Vine which is located near her garden. Happy Harvesting! 

Rachael Age 16  Minnesota 

Rachael is the founder of Teens Taking Action!  Working together, Teens Taking Action will grow the garden and donating all the food to a local ICA food shelf.  This group is focused on growing environmentally friendly food which is the basis of Katie's Krops! 

Kylee  Age 11  Montana

Kylee's family has a lot of land and her garden will be 20' x 20'.  The produce from her garden will be donated to a food bank and also Miles Soup Kitchen. She also plans on making delivers to families that have a family member suffering from cancer as she has lost members of her family to the disease.  

Kinzee & Zane  Age11 & 15   Montana

Kinzee and Zane have created a garden called "Howey's Helping Others".  They are both currently enrolled in Gardening Level 1 with their 4H Club.  They will enlarged their existing garden and the family will continue to use a portion of the area, a 30x40 foot space, for their personal vegetables.  Donations will be made weekly to a local Food Bank, The Headwaters Area Food Bank and the Broadwater Food Pantry which is 30 miles away. Happy Growing!  

Serenity  Age 11  New York

Serenity was excited to join the Katie's Krops growing family because her neighborhood is in great need.  The garden is planted in an area surrounding Saint John's Recreation Center.  Serenity has contacted Green Thumb which is an organization that will send a volunteer horticulturist to advise the group.  The harvest is donated to St. Augustine's Catholic Church Soup Kitchen.  She is planning to take a Garden Kitchen Lab Course.  Welcome to Katie's Krops Serenity.

Mira Age 12  New York

Mira has a garden at her school. Her garden has drip irrigation in two sections.  The school teachers have integrated the garden into the math and science curriculum. The produce will be donated to the Regional Food Bank.

Bailey & Sophia  Age 11 Oregon

Bailey and Sophia will be growing at their school. There are no community centers in their area and the produce from their garden will be donated to The Bread Place which pick up the produce and then distribute it to needy senior citizens.  This sounds like a wonderful plan!

The Palmetto School    South Carolina

The Palmetto School is a very special school that provides a safe and individualized educational experience that stimulates academic achievement and personal empowerment for abused, neglected, abandoned, or homeless children. Their garden will grown at the school. The produce will be delivered to a homeless shelter, Pilgrim's Inn.  They have big plans to hopefully expand to feed even more people in need.  We are very excited to welcome the children on the Palmetto School to our growing family.

Maristella  Age 9  South Carolina

Maristella was greatly impacted seeing a homeless man with a sign "Homeless, hungry, anything will do".  She feels her garden club has the heart and strength to grow and produce a healthy harvest to help people in need.  The garden is at her school. The harvest will be donated to the Low Country Food Bank.

Shania  South Carolina

Shania has started her garden in memory of her father and wants to continue gardening just as her Dad did.  Her harvest will be donated to elderly church members and she will display her vegetables in the church hall.  Shania is also teaching the younger kids the basics of growing vegetables and sharing the harvest.

Seanfrances Age 12  Texas

Seanfrances has "adopted" four raised garden beds in the Junior Master Gardener Site in Texas.  The beds are fertilized with compost available at the site.  The vegetables growing are carrots, tomatoes  and lettuce.  SeanFrances is donating her harvest to Lighthouse Ministries and Seeds of Abraham Community Action Group.  These charities were chosen because they distribute food baskets with fresh produce every month.

Patrick  Age 9 Washington 

Patrick is building a garden with recycled materials.  He is using rain barrels and soaker hoses to protect the environment and is re-using, repurposing and recycling as much as possible which is in keeping with the Katie's Krops motto!  Welcome to Katie's Krops Patrick.  

Megan Age 16  Washington

Megan has started her garden because it makes her feel good to help others.  She said her Mom received help when she needed it and Megan wants to pay it forward.  She is donating her produce to Harvest Home and has family and friends as her support folks.  Megan states she is the first person to take fresh vegetables to Harvest Home! Welcome to Katie's Krops and Happy Growing!

Joey Age 12  Wisconsin

Joey was inspired to grow a Katie's Krops garden by Ted, one of Katie's Krops star grower in his state. He feels it is a great idea to help anyone that is homeless and in need of a helping hand. The garden is in his backyard and Joey has helped with the work in a backyard garden for five years.  The produce from his garden will be donated to St. Gabriel/St. Bonifest Food Pantry. Welcome to Katie's Krops!

Dylan Age 14  Wisconsin                                   

Dylan is growing his garden so folks know that food does not come only from McDonald's!  He states his school is in an area that experiences a high poverty level.  The garden is 20 X 20 and is behind the school. His friends Madeline, Luke and Jeremy as well as many of the classes will help with the gardening.  The produce will be delivered to the Vilas Food Pantry.  Dylan has the support of the Farm to School Program and Vilas County Master Gardeners.

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