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Signs of Spring!

The school garden after the long cold winter.


The fig tree against the amazing Carolina sky!

Starting beans from seed with the1st graders.

Only you can change your life! Don't wait for the perfect moment, make every moment perfect!

Only you can change your life! Don't wait for the perfect moment, make every moment perfect!

I read this on a posting on Facebook yesterday and I thought truer words were never spoken. You can sit around and say “When this happens” and “If this happens”, but only you can make it happen. If you have a dream don’t wait to for that perfect moment to start achieving it, you need to make the moment happen. This quote is for anyone who is uncertain if they can do something, you can! It doesn’t matter how young you are there is nothing you can’t do when you try.

Yesterday I went to see the Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Movie. It was really inspirational! It showed that fame is not just awarded to you; you have to work for it. Justin worked extremely hard to get where he is. I was inspired how he had a goal and a dream. After a visit to Madison Square Garden he decided his goal was, one year from that day, to sell out a concert there. He did not wait for the perfect moment to start working towards his dream. He worked hard from the start and in one year, Justin Bieber achieved his goal and sold out Madison Square Garden in less than half an hour.

So what is your dream? That perfect moment is now. What are you going to do to make it happen? A year from now I would love to be able to repost this blog and change the paragraph about Justin Bieber to a paragraph about you! Only you can change your life! Don’t wait for the perfect moment, make every moment perfect!

What I Really Want

I will be the first to admit that desperately want an iPad, a new iPod, that adorable jacket I found at Anthropologie, the super cute shoes I saw on-line and well I could go on and on. I will also be the first to admit that I often bug my parents with all of my ‘wants’ and ‘have to haves’. But then something happens. I go make dinner at Palmetto House or serve to the guests at Tri County and suddenly all my ‘wants’ and ‘have to haves’ go away. What takes its place? Determination. I want to help them and make sure that they have meals. I am able to eat three healthy meals every day. I have a warm bed to sleep in every night.  I have a family who loves and supports me.  I am able to go to a fantastic school. I have everything I need. Sometime you get so wrapped up in the wants that you forget that you have everything you really need. There are so many people who don’t have basic needs such as food and clothing. My wants turn from an iPad or and iPod to I want to makes sure they have a healthy meal and to make sure that cute little boy at the Palmetto House who is homeless has a bed to sleep in.  That is what I really want, to make sure that there are no hungry children. That is my dream, that is what I am determined to make happen.

Not a Doubt in the World

        This week I received an e-mail from a girl in Iowa who had to do a project on how teenagers can change society. She asked if she could interview me for her project. I was very touched that she would want to interview me but I was stumped by one of the questions. What was that question? “What doubts did you have and how did you overcome them?” I had to think a long time about this question. I have to say I have never had doubts about what I was, what I am, doing. I believe that things will always work out, maybe not as I planned but I know everything with will work out. Last week was a perfect example.

Tri County Family Ministries is very special to me. It is the soup kitchen that I donated my 40 pound cabbage to. It was the soup kitchen that started my dream. When I had the opportunity to start a garden at Tri County I jumped at the chance. My Uncle Alec built 4 of the largest, most beautiful planters and delivered them to our house from North Carolina. Into our garage they went (in place of my moms car). The planters are huge and would require a tremendous amount of potting soil. We priced out the soil and WOW! It was going to cost a lot of money to fill my new planters. The planters stayed in the garage and my mom’s car stayed in the driveway. Finally my mom made arrangements to have Tri County come pick up the planters, potting soil not included, yet.

The day before the planters were to be moved to Tri County we received a phone call from my friend Miss. Becky at the Summerville Home Depot. Miss Becky called to tell me that she had bags of potting soil for me, not one or two bags of soil but a whole pallet full of potting soil. I had never mentioned to Miss. Becky that I need that I need soil for the planters. Everything came together and in just a few short months Tri County will have a beautiful harvest of vegetables growing in there planters. My parents may have had doubts that they would never be able to park in the garage again but I never had a doubt that the planters my Uncle Alec built would be ready for spring planting.

So how did I answer the question from the girl in Iowa, “I think that if you believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing doubt will never be an issue.”




Listen to your heart!

Well this short story begins as the weather man tells us about 5 or 6 weeks ago that growing season is over, done, that's it! I however did not listen to the weather man, I listened to my heart. And what did my heart say, it said that growing season was not over. I did not pull out all of my plants, despite those that told me too. It has been the coldest December on record, here in Charleston, but that  did not stop me. Even when it got so cold that the pipes froze, leaving no water at my Pinewood Garden I was not detoured. They are too many hungry people in the Lowcountry & I wanted to, need to, help them. My plants were hearty too; those freezing nights and snow shower we had here in Summerville did not kill my plants. What do I have as a prize from listening to my heart, lettuce, beautiful lettuce. That might not be much of a prize, but it is something, something worth celebrating. I did not listen to the weather man or to those who told me my plants would not survive. So, the moral of this story; listen to your heart. Today I harvested a row of beautiful lettuce that will go to Tri County Family Ministries to feed people in need tomorrow. I am so very happy that I listened to my heart, it never steers me wrong!


My beautiful Bonnie Plants Red Sails Lettuce!

Thanks for the great baskets Miss. Anita!