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The idea for Katie’s Krops began with a 9-year-old girl and a 40 pound cabbage. In 2008 Katie brought home a tiny cabbage seedling from school as part of the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program. She tended to her cabbage and cared for it until it grew to an amazing 40 pounds. Knowing her cabbage was special, she donated to a soup kitchen where it helped feed over 275 people. Moved by the experience of seeing how many people could benefit from the donation of fresh produce to soup kitchens, Katie decided to start vegetable gardens and donate the harvest to help feed people in need.

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Katie’s Krops now has 100 gardens growing across the country and has donated thousands and thousands of pounds of fresh produce to people in need. The mission of Katie’s Krops is to empower youth to start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes and donate the harvest to help feed people in need, as well as to assist and inspire others to do the same.


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Join us at Katie’s Krops Outdoor Classroom in our Flagship Garden
at the Crossroads Community Church in Summerville, SC.

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Do you live in the Charleston/Summerville area? We would love for you to volunteer and help us grow a healthy end to hunger. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to help. Be a part of supplying food pantries, homeless shelters, cancer centers, Katie’s Krops Dinners and families in need with fresh produce. Join our volunteer list to be informed of all opportunities to grow an end to hunger.

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      What a fulfilling way to end the week, with an 212 lb heartfelt harvest shared today with our friends at the Murray Church Food Pantry and a fun morning in the garden with our amazing volunteers 💚
#heartfeltharvest #growingandgiving #vegetablegarden #giving #gardening #youthservice
      We are so excited to share a new look inside our Flagship Garden!!! Thank you to our wonderful friends at Charleston 3D Advantage for sharing their talents with us and creating such a fun video tour ♥️ I hope you enjoy your virtual stroll through the garden. We are so grateful to our amazing volunteers for all their hard work and dedication and to our friends at Crossroads Community Church for sharing their campus with us! Happy strolling 🌱🍅
      We are so proud of Norah & Eva, our incredible growers from North Augusta! In 2024, they have a goal of growing 2024 lbs to share with their community, we are so proud of their hard work and dedication to helping others ♥️🌱🥕
      Meet Our Growers ~ SelenaMany of the young Growers supported by Katie’s Krops have several years of experience before they join us. Selena Torres, a 13-year-old 7th grader in Maryland, is not one of those. She was an absolute novice at the start of the 2023 growing season, her first year with us.With a heart for helping those in need, a willingness to learn, and a supportive mother, Diamond, who was also new to growing, Selena hasn’t let her lack of experience intimidate her.
Diamond is a teacher who was searching for learning opportunities for her students when she came across Katie’s Krops online. After Selena was accepted as a Grower, they built two raised beds and grew tomatoes and a few herbs last year. This year, they are building a third bed and expanding their crops to more tomatoes, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, and peppers (if those seeds germinate, the first seeds did not).As an organic gardener living in USDA growing zone 7, Selena’s challenges come from the abundant wildlife in the woods behind her backyard and controlling the inevitable bugs. Her mother and ten-year-old brother, Daniel, help with general gardening tasks and pest eradication efforts, using row covers to keep bugs out and hand-picking those that make it through the barrier. This year, she’s also planning to try shallow pans of beer to take out the slugs.While Selena enjoys building and filling the beds, her main reason for growing is to be able to provide food to the homeless. Two years ago, her aunt, Bliss Power, started and now runs a grassroots, mostly self-funded charity in Washington, DC, called “Bless the Block.” Selena was deeply impacted by what she saw when she helped distribute clothing, toiletries, and meals to people in the homeless encampments. The produce she grows is donated to the charity to use in preparing meals or given to people directly.
We are proud to support gardeners at all levels as they support their communities, and we look forward to working with Selena for the next several
years. #younggardener #youthservice #shareyourharvest #gardening
      We have gathered our harvest and are ready to serve!
Join us TODAY, June 13th, for our free garden-to-table Katie’s Krops Dinner!
To any of our neighbors who lost their food to power outages, please stop by to pick up a free dinner.
Dinner service will start early this week, and we will kick off our to-go dinner service at 4 p.m. The dinner ends when all meals have been served. We will be sharing 700+ meals!!!!
We are creating a fresh garden pasta salad with ham. Our dinners are served outside the Fellowship Hall at Summerville Baptist at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville.
Our meals are served drive-thru style. For your safety and ours, please stay in your cars and follow the directions of our traffic volunteers.
There is never a charge for our dinners, and you do not need to reserve meals. #volunteer #giveback #youthservice #gardentotable
      Let’s talk good + bad bugs in the garden! We are all organic and don’t use pesticides, so we want to share ways to naturally combat the bad bugs (+ the good bugs to keep around!) ♥️
      It has been a wonderful week and a fantastic start to June spent with our amazing volunteers and two beautiful harvests from our flagship garden that we were shared.The true highlight of the week was the kindness of Chef Raymond England, the head Chef at Husk Restaurant. In February, he competed in the Heritage Fire Tour competition in Miami where he was named the grand champion! As the winner, Chef England was able to share a huge donation of Goya Foods products with the nonprofit of his choice. We are so humbled and honored to share that he chose to share his winnings with Katie's Krops!This donation will help our neighbors facing food insecurity and Goya products will be featured in our upcoming free garden-to-table dinners!The Lowcountry is such an incredible place, and we are so grateful to Chef England for his kindness! If you are looking for a delicious restaurant in Charleston with an award winning chef, be sure to visit Chef England at Husk! Thank you Goya and Chef England for supporting Katie’s Krops ♥️
      Feeling incredibly grateful for our partnership with the @chascolibrary! Their free and fresh produce fridges make such an impact to the community and we love sharing our harvest with them 💚 Last week we were able to share a 215 lb heartfelt harvest! #rootedinlove
      I am truly humbled and honored. While I won’t have a big ad to say thank you, I wanted to share my sincere gratitude and appreciation to community and people who have supported me since I was 9 years old. This would not be possible without you. I am so blessed to live my childhood dream each and every day. Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and helping me grow a better tomorrow ♥️
      Don’t forget it’s Katie’s Krops month at The Knot Burger Pub! Why knot come in and grab a California Burcy and a Cherry Tea Cocktail to support our efforts to end hunger and support one of our favorite local restaurants, there’s still 9 days left in May ♥️
      A 165 lb heartfelt harvest shared with our friends at @chascolibrary today for their free and fresh produce fridges! Shoutout to our amazing youth volunteers for all of their hard work this morning to spread love to our neighbors in need ♥️🌱
      At yesterdays Katie’s Krops Dinner, we served 740 meals, along with sharing milk, baked goods, vegetables + bread! We did not have to turn a single person away because we had run out of meals. This truly would not have been possible without incredible support from the community and we cannot thank each and every person enough for stepping up to meet the need!This Friday, we are asking for help to continue meeting the need at our next dinner on June 13th. A $5 donation will provide two hot, healthy, fresh and free meals at our next dinner. Donations can be made via our Venmo: KatiesKrops, through our website (linked in our bio!) and via a check mailed to P.O. Box 1841 Summerville, SC 29484. Thank you for your support in our efforts to end hunger ♥️