2009 Was Amazing, Great Things Coming in 2010

2009 Was Amazing and 2010 Will Bring Bigger Harvests for Everyone!!!

As look back at 2009 it was an amazing, great year for me and my dream of no hungry children.  I was able to donate thousands of pounds of vegetables to my local soup kitchens and families in need.  I was able to see how my gardens are making a difference for people who don’t have enough to eat. I made so many new friends like all of the wonderful people at Bonnie Plants who started my dream with their 3rd grade cabbage program.  I was able to tour their greenhouses and see where all of the seedlings they donate to me come from and speak to all of the sales people who bring the cabbages to the 3rd graders across the county.

I made friends at NBC Nightly News, People Magazine, The Build a Bear Workshop, Robroy Industries, VeryMeri, Amazing Kids, The Katie Brown Workshop, Random Kids, The Barron Prize and all of the staff and residents at Palmetto House just to name a few.  I have so many great friends who help me with my dream such as my Master Gardener Lisa and her husband Ty, Mr. Brian from Advyon who made this beautiful website, Bob and Linda who help me with my garden on their farm in Ridgeville, my 5th grade classmates who I couldn’t do my project without, the great people in my neighborhood, my Omi and Opa, my teachers and my headmaster, this list could go on and on!  I appreciate everything everyone has done for me.

What will 2010 bring? I don’t know, but I dream big and I hope that I will have gardens not only in South Carolina but in other states.  I want to visit my friends at NBC Nightly News and this time not end up in the hospital (had to have my appendix out last time).  I pray and hope  that  in 2010, I can help Palmetto House find the money it needs to keep their doors open to help feed and house people in need.  I hope I can inspire kids all across the country to donate to their local soup kitchens by planting a small garden, one vegetable plant grown in a pot or inspire all the 3rd graders across the county to participate in the Bonnie Plants 3rd grade cabbage program and see how fun it can be.  More than anything in 2010 I want to make the people who support me proud!!!!