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The idea for Katie’s Krops began with a 9-year-old girl and a 40 pound cabbage. In 2008 Katie brought home a tiny cabbage seedling from school as part of the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program. She tended to her cabbage and cared for it until it grew to an amazing 40 pounds. Knowing her cabbage was special, she donated to a soup kitchen where it helped feed over 275 people. Moved by the experience of seeing how many people could benefit from the donation of fresh produce to soup kitchens, Katie decided to start vegetable gardens and donate the harvest to help feed people in need.

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Katie’s Krops now has 100 gardens growing across the country and has donated thousands and thousands of pounds of fresh produce to people in need. The mission of Katie’s Krops is to empower youth to start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes and donate the harvest to help feed people in need, as well as to assist and inspire others to do the same.


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Join us at Katie’s Krops Outdoor Classroom in our Flagship Garden
at the Crossroads Community Church in Summerville, SC.

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Do you live in the Charleston/Summerville area? We would love for you to volunteer and help us grow a healthy end to hunger. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to help. Be a part of supplying food pantries, homeless shelters, cancer centers, Katie’s Krops Dinners and families in need with fresh produce. Join our volunteer list to be informed of all opportunities to grow an end to hunger.

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      Springfest 2024! Join us on Saturday, April 27th for a fun filled morning in the garden with our community partners. There will be hands on activities, youth lead garden tours, @jmacs.cbm food truck, and giveaways. Learn about our efforts in our gardens, outdoor classroom, to save the endangered Monarch butterfly and our dinner. Expert Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer all your gardening questions. There is something for everyone. We hope you will join us as we open our garden to the public. #springfest #summervillesc #festival #gardening
      Thank you @spokeworksbicycleworkshop + @trooperbob_sc for getting us in gear with bike safety! We had so much fun practicing our new safety skills on the garden course 🚴‍♂️
Keep and eye out for our next bike safety class and come see our friends at @spokeworksbicycleworkshop at Springfest on April 27th!
      Starting the weekend off by sharing our heartfelt harvest with our friends at @chascolibrary for their Free & Fresh Produce Fridges! 🌤️♥️🌱🍅 #RootedinLove #AHeartfeltHarvest
      Spreading the roots of love with our @bonnieplants seedlings! We can’t wait to see the heartfelt harvest that come from these tiny seedlings 🌱🍅💛🫑 #heartfeltharvest #springplanting
      When COVID-19 hit, our Katie’s Krops Dinner guests who were ill in quarantine and in dire need of help reached out, asking for our assistance.  We contacted our volunteers, who stepped up to deliver meals and quickly learned that the need for delivery reached far beyond those sick with COVID.In a community without public transportation, a car breakdown can cut off access to basic needs, and illness can isolate someone living independently. There are so many reasons someone cannot attend our dinners in person. Our team of delivery drivers is a blessing to so many of our neighbors.Yesterday, fifteen teams fanned out across our community, routed in love and sharing meals.  300 dinners were delivered to 46 addresses and to our local homeless encampments and shleters.  You never realize how expansive Summerville is until you start mapping meal deliveries.To our wonderful delivery volunteers, thank you!  You are what makes Katie’s Krops so special, and we are so grateful for your kindness. #volunteer #delivery #caringforothers
      It’s officially spring and we couldn’t be more excited!! Our amazing young volunteers harvested some of the last of our fall crops, including delicious @bonnieplants kale + celery! This heartfelt harvest went to our Katie’s Krops Dinner and helped make a garden fresh and tasty salad for our guests 💚💚
      From our garden to yours, here’s to the amazing girls and women dedicated to ending hunger in their communities! We are so proud to have so many incredible girls as a part of our Katie’s Krops Growing Family, growing a healthy end to hunger, one vegetable garden at a time🩷 Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women out there changing the world! #internationalwomensday
      We are very excited to welcome our new 2024 Katie’s Krops Growers who will join kids all across the country who are growing a heartfelt harvest. We have Growers that have now been growing with us for 13 years. In the coming months we will we will share their stories, their harvests and the impact they are having on hunger and food insecurity in their communities. Thank you @parkseedco for making all of this possible. katieskrops #gardeningforgood #heartfeltharvest
      Blessed! Grateful! Thankful! It is difficult to put into words how grateful we are to the amazing serve team from @seacoastsummerville for sharing their time, energy and talents with us while we prepare for spring planting. When we come together we can accomplish amazing things. Here is to another record breaking year to aid our neighbors facing hunger and food insecurity. #serveday2024
      Did you know that Katie’s Krops started with the @bonnieplants Third-Grade Cabbage Program? One tiny seedling Katie received in the 3rd grade grew into a 40-pound cabbage; the rest is history. That cabbage inspired her to start a nationwide movement to grow a better tomorrow for those struggling with hunger and food insecurity.Our friends at Bonnie Plants are sharing cabbage seedlings with us, and we want to inspire the next generation of gardeners and philanthropists.Join us for a pop-up event on Tuesday, March 5th at 11 am in our flagship garden. Learn how Katie’s Krops started and receive your cabbage seedling.This event will be held in the Katie’s Krops Flagship Garden located on the campus of Crossroads Community Church at 505 Gahagan Road in Summerville.You don’t need to sign up. We hope you will join us. #youthgardening #cabbage #joinus
      Yesterday we shared our heartfelt harvest with our friends at Radcliffe Manor, a low income senior housing complex in Charleston ♥️ Our incredible volunteers harvested 184 lbs of collards, kale, cabbage & celery from our flagship garden during our garden work morning that we were able to share that afternoon! The residents are Radcliffe Manor hold such a special place in our hearts and the smiles on their faces when they see the vegetables we bring over is priceless. Thank you for helping us continue to provide a heartfelt harvest to the community!
#heartfeltharvest #vegetables #gardening #donation #youthservice #giving #givingback #freshproduce
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      We’re taking you to storytime this morning! Join us as we read, take a walk around the garden + munch on some veggies 🌱📚♥️
#storytime #outdoorclassroom #youthservice #gardening #freshveggies #gardentotable
      We saved the sweetest family for last; our 2023 Katie’s Krops Family of the Year is the Whetstone Family!
We are so lucky that this incredible family became members of Crossroads Community Church - Summerville, SC, and a part of the Katie’s Krops Family.
The first time I ever met the Whestones was during storytime in the outdoor classroom, where sweet Sumner took his very first steps! Sumner, Odie, Evie, and their parents Havilah and Jordan became regular volunteers in the garden, always excited to help out! Their dad, Jordan, has taken over and nurtured our nine compost bins, helping us on our journey to become more sustainable and send less waste to landfills.
Along with their work in the garden, Evie and her mom, Haviliah, have become a regular part of our Katie’s Krops Dinners, helping us transform the vegetables from the garden into delicious and healthy meals!
A little over a year ago, the Whetsones welcomed Thea, and she has grown up in our flagship garden and become such a wonderful helper at such a young age. She was a week old the first time she joined us in the garden.
To know this family is to love them. They are dedicated to everything they do and always come to the garden with the biggest smiles on their faces. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and we are so proud to name them our 2023 Family of the Year! Thank you for the countless hours y’all have logged in the garden, at the dinners and spreading love to our community!
      From our garden to yours, we’re wishing you a Valentine’s Day rooted in love!
We are so excited to share these beautiful flower arrangements, cards and today’s harvest with our friends in low-income senior housing in Charleston to spread some love and a heartfelt harvest today ♥️🌱