A Big Thank You!!!

My school garden is planted and looks fabulous! For the first time the kindergarten came out to help and did an amazing job!!! They had a great attitude and listened to all directions. I was so impressed. I met an adorable little girl named Nicole. She was so nice and we worked together for a long time. She asked me lots of questions like how I started the garden. I wondered around helping the little kids plant vegetables. My brother is in kindergarten and he and his friends were so helpful.

2nd grade came to help too. They finished so fast!! And did a good job at that. In-between high school classes came and worked harder than I could ask for. They planted, hauled compost & dirt, set tomato cage, placed the hay for mulch and tilled.  And finally my class came. They finished off the garden. It looks amazing! It is so great to have so much help.

I want to thank everybody who made this garden possible, Troy Bilt, Bonnie Plants, Flowertown Garden Center, Disney Friends for Change, Epcot Gardeners, Pinewood, and kindergarden, 2nd, high school, and 5th grade. I also want to give an extra special thank you to Ms. Lisa, Ms. Darcey, and my mom who worked really hard from7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. THANK YOU!!!