A Guest Blog from our Grantee Nate in Texas

My name is Nate and I got a Katie’s Krops grant to grow a garden beside my parents garden at home to donate to those in need.  About the time we started planting, the food bank partnered with a girl scout to plant a garden as her gold project.  The food bank had not budgeted any money for the garden and they were having a hard time getting tools to start things off.  My parents already had most of what I needed for my garden, so I donated the remainder of by grant to the food bank garden (it was almost the whole thing – we had not spent much yet).  The girl scout met with the local Lowe’s manager and he offered to let her buy supplies ‘at cost’ to help her project.  So she used my gift card and bought A LOT of supplies that we needed (hoses, tools, plants, etc).  She was able to more than double the money buying ‘at cost.’  We had the first planting day at the food bank and 40 volunteers came.  We have planted corn, green beans, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, black eye peas and herbs so far.  All the volunteers donated extra seeds so we haven’t had to buy any.  We now use facebook to let the volunteers know what is going on and ask for help with weeding, etc.  Other girl scout troops have volunteered to make plant marker signs, potting tables, and other projects the garden will need.  The food will go to those who need it and school groups can come in and learn about healthy eating and growing your own food.  And I still have my little garden at home that I’m donating too!  Thanks Katie!