A Guest Blog from our Grantee Terrence in Illinois

So far so good.  I thought this would be something that was easy.  But much to
my surprise it was hard and easy.  The items we chose to grow were,
strawberries, greens, tomatoes, brocollie, cauliflower, cucumbers, egg plant,
squash, celery, mint tea, cabbage and okra.  When the project got started I told
as many people I could think of.  Among the helpers were my mom, dad, sisters,
aunts, uncles and some close friends.  So far I have learned the importance of
being consistent with maintaining the garden.  I did not know that there were so
many people who liked to garden and eat things that they grew themselves.  My
mom has especially been a big help.  She gives me some of her growing tips which
have helped as well.  While setting up the garden my mom suggested that we try
to make some rain barrels to conserve water.  We had talked about it before we
got started but I was not to interested at first.  But when my dad said he would
help me make them, we started and I have not stopped yet.  Now we have barrels
that equal up to about 160 gallons of water so far.  The other thing that was
great is that I did a little looking around on the internet and ordered insects
that would help to take care of the pest problem so the fruits and vegetables
were good.