An Amazing Trip to NYC

I am back from New York! Well, actually before I say that, the reason why I went to New York; Disney’s Friends for Change and AllyKatzz recognized me at the AllyKatzz Tween Summit. It was a blast! Fun at every turn!

The Tween Summit brought together tween girls from all over the country. It was so exciting to share my efforts with them and to come together to help the people in New York. With a super generous donation from Bonnie Plants and the help from my friends at Disney’s Friends for Change I had a booth there were the girls attending the summit planted herb gardens with Cilantro, Flat Italian Parsley, and Basil in them. The planters were then donated to the New York Coalition for the Homeless and other NYC organizations that help people in need. My booth looked amazing! Thank you Mr. Bryan for your creativity and help!!! Thank you to all the girls who worked to so hard to help grow Katie’s Krops in NYC!

The summit had some great keynote speakers, my favorite Heather O’Reilly a soccer player for the woman’s national team who gave an inspiring speech about self confidence. She shared a lot about her experiences with self confidence, about rising to the challenge and surrounding yourself with positive people.

I received an ALLY award.  This award was really special because it was presented by Tiffany Thornton!!! Yes Tiffany Thornton. She was so nice and what a huge honor to be selected. Thank you Tiffany!

I ended the night with walking down the pink carpet! I got my picture taken with Kicking Daisies, Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton. Then I saw Tiffany again in her dressing room, who I felt like I’d known for a while (that is how nice she is she made me feel like a true friend!). I also met Mitchel. They performed and amazing concert! Thank you so much Bonnie Plants, AllyKatzz and Disney’s Friends for Change!!! I am inspired more than ever to make my dream of a garden in every state a reality.

Tiffany Thornton & me

The Pink Carpet with Tiffany, Mitchel Musso & Kick Daisies!

Monique Coleman & I donate herb gardens to the New York Coalition for the Homeless!