Becoming a Katie’s Krops Grower

For over a decade, we have empowered youth across the country to grow a healthy end to hunger in their community by starting Katie’s Krops Gardens. In October, we will open the application process for children ages 7 to 16 to apply to become Katie’s Krops Growers. Our Grower search will open on October 1st and close on December 30, 2022, to become a 2023 Grower. On October 1st, the application will be available on our website.

Katie’s Krops Growers start vegetable gardens in their communities where the whole harvest is shared with their neighbors in need. Children selected as Growers receive supplies, funding, and support from Katie’s Krops. They become part of a network of youth across the country dedicated to improving their communities health and well-being of their communities. In addition, they are eligible for scholarships for their higher education.

What makes our program truly unique is that we are a sustainable solution to hunger. Children who start Katie’s Krops Gardens are eligible for support to continue their garden year after year. We have gardens that have been growing with us for twelve years!