Boys & Girls Club Gardening Project | Troy-Bilt

Boys & Girls Club Gardening Project | Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt® was founded on a passion for gardening. Now we’ve partnered with Katie’s Krops to inspire the next generation of gardeners and feed people in their community. We worked with Téa and Tina at the Boys & Girls Club to help them break ground on a garden that will feed the kids and families who attend the club.

Dive in for the Second Annual Dive in to End Hunger


Dive in and help us end hunger!

The first annual Katie’s Krops Dive In To End Hunger event last summer was a great success and accomplished our goal to build the fence around the flagship garden to prevent the deer from eating our crops. Many of our supporters urged us to continue this event yearly as a great way to encourage youth to continue supporting their community. We will use this year’s funds to sustain all 80 of the Katie’s Krops gardens across the United States, continue to empower kids to find a healthy way to end hunger, and continue to hold our monthly Katie’s Krops Dinner for our community in need.

The Second Annual Dive in to End Hunger will be held on Tuesday, July 21st at Pine Forest Country Club in Summerville, South Carolina from 4 to 7pm.


Swimmers of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate in this fun and healthy fundraising event! How can you participate?

– Complete the Katie’s Krops Dive In to End Hunger Registration form and send it to us (see details on the form) as soon as possible. Spots are limited. Registration forms should be submitted by Thursday, July 16th.

-Register as an individual swimmer or gather your friends and co-workers to create a relay team, which will swim during the last event.

We are also in need of prizes for our swimmers. If you would like to donate a prize please contact

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to a fun and sucessful event!

Click here to download the Registration Form!!

Click here to download the Donation Sheet!!



We have the perfect gift!


Looking for a great Mother’s Day, graduation, birthday or teacher’s gift at a great price? We have the perfect gift! The best part, it is the gift that gives back! Sassy Shortcake Boutique is helping Katie’s Krops & Road2Recovery by selling beautiful bauble necklaces for only $12 with free shipping during the month of May. $10 from every necklace purchased will be donated to Katie’s Krops and Road2Recovery. The necklace comes in three vibrant colors. It truly is the perfect gift. Please help us help families in need in style. Thank you for your support.

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Grab your running shoes for the Bosch Inaugural 5K benefiting Katie’s Krops

A big thank you to our friends at Bosch for an amazing event. The Bosch Inaugural 5K benefitting Katie’s Krops was a huge sucess. We are thrilled to announce that the funds raised from the 5K will help to start a new Katie’s Krops garden at Spann Elementary in Summerville, South Carolina. Bosch employees and their families will work to help make this garden come to life. We are excited to keep you updated on this new garden. Thank you to everyone who came out to run to help kids grow.

Grab your running shoes for the Bosch Inaugural 5K benefiting Katie’s Krops. On Saturday, February 28th, Bosch will host a 5K in North Charleston, South Carolina, at Riverfront Park. Funds raised from this event will support our efforts to end hunger, one vegetable garden at a time.

Join us for the 1st Katie’s Krops Dinner of 2015

Please join us on Thursday, January 22th for the first Katie’s Krops Dinner of 2015. Our dinner will be served at 6pm, at Summerville Baptist Church located at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville, South Carolina. The garden to table dinner is always hot, healthy, and free. Everyone is welcome at our dinner table. Please know the dinner is limited to 200 guests. We recomend arriving by 5:45.

Raising Sweet Potatoes from Slips

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You can follow these instructions to successfully start your own sweet potatoes at home.  There are two ways to start them.  Here is the first and the only method I have tried.

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1) Poke three toothpicks into the sweet potato to hold it in a container.  We used sweet potatoes we had stored over the winter.

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2) Place the sweet potato into a jar or container of water with a narrow top and place it near a sunny window.  It should look like the picture on the left.

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3) After the roots form, you will probably need to add some more water, and then the slips will start to form.

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4) Remove the slips off the sweet potato and plant them in wet potting soil.   Keep them watered very well.  Over a period of time, they will root out.

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5) You are now able to transplant them out doors after the danger of frost is over and watch them grow!

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6) Just before the first frost is the best time to harvest sweet potatoes.


Method 2, which I have never personally tried, is to take the sweet potato and bury half of it in dirt. If left in an area with sun, it will sprout and you would follow the same procedure described above.


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Josiah’s Tips:

• I would use black plastic versus fabric just from my experience with the fabric.

• If you use any plastic or fabric, it will attract mice.

• I recommend using the sweet potato variety Beauregard.

Happy Growing! Josiah

One Girl’s Mission to Fight Hunger Now Six Years Strong

At age 9, Katie Stagliano planted a garden to feed the hungry. Six years later, what began as an idea hatched in her backyard has spread nationwide.
Published October 24th 2014,

Join Us for Our Holiday Dinner

Come join us on Thursday, December 18th for the Katie’s Krops Holiday Dinner. Our dinner will be served at 6pm, at Summerville Baptist Church located at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville, South Carolina. The garden to table dinner is always hot, healthy, and free. Everyone is welcome at our dinner table. We do not accept reservations and recommend that you arrive before 6pm to ensure a seat. The dinner is limited to 200 people. Happy Holidays!

This 14-Year-Old’s Homework Assignment Sparked A Mission to Feed America’s Hungry

When she was in the third grade, Katie Stagliano received a homework assignment that changed her life: To grow a cabbage from a single seedling. Hers grew to about 40 pounds. She took the cabbage to the local soup kitchen, where it was served with ham and rice to around 275 people.

“When I looked at the people in line I thought ‘wow, they’re just like my family,’” Katie says of her experience handing out food that day. “For all I know, they could have been my family who had fallen on hard times.” Six years later, Katie’s Krops supports 75 youth-run gardens in 27 states and has raised over $200,000.

Watch Katie’s remarkable story here, and check out the feature film The Starfish Throwers where she is featured alongside two others whose individual efforts to feed the poor are igniting a movement in the fight against hunger.


Read more:

“Katie’s Cabbage” The Story of How One Cabbage Inspired a Young Girl’s Dream to End Hunger

“Katie’s Cabbage is the inspirational true story of how Katie Stagliano, a third grader from Summerville, South Carolina, grew a forty-pound cabbage in her backyard and donated it to help feed 275 people at a local soup kitchen. In her own words, Katie shares the story of the little cabbage seedling and the big ideas of generosity and service that motivated her to turn this experience into Katie’s Krops, a national youth movement aimed at ending hunger one vegetable garden at a time. Katie’s Cabbage reminds us of how small things can grow and thrive when nurtured with tender loving and care and of how one person, with the support of family, friends, and community, can help make a powerful difference in the lives of so many.”
Katie’s Cabage is the winner of the 2015 Carol D. Resier Children’s Book Award. The Award is given annually to the children’s book or books published the preceding year that most effectively inspires community service and volunteerism in children. This award was established by the  Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta, where Carol was co-founder and past president, and is a living tribute to Carol Reiser’s lifelong commitment to community. Judges are national level experts in children’s literature and in volunteerism.

A big thank you to our friends at University of South Carolina Press, Bonnie Plants and First Fruits Marketing of Washington for making this book possible.