Join us for the First Katie’s Krops Dinner of the New Year


Please join us at the Katie’s Krops dinner table on Thursday, January 23rd at 6:00 p.m. The garden to table dinner will be held at Summerville Baptist Church, located at 417 Central Avenue, in Summerville, South Carolina. The dinner is always hot, healthy and FREE. Everyone is welcome at the Katie’s Krops dinner table. All of our dinners are based on the harvest from our gardens. Every meal is prepared and served by our young Katie’s Krops Crew.

We need your support to continue to empower youth, to provide healthy meals to those who are facing challenging times in the new year. You can make a donation using the ‘Contribute’ button, or by visiting our ‘Support Our Cause’ page, or by visiting our our ‘Wish List’. Your support is greatly apprecaited, and necessary, in order to allow us to keep feeding the Lowcountry. Every donation truly helps.





BI-LO & Dole Helping Us Grow

We are very excited to announce a new partnership that will help us continue to grow. Starting today, October 9th, BI-LO and Dole will support our efforts to empower kids to end hunger, one vegetable garden at a time. For the next two-weeks, everytime you purchase three pounds, or more, of Dole Banannas at your local BI-LO store, a donation will be made to Katie’s Krops. When you stop by buy to purchase your Dole Banannas, we would love if you could stop by the BI-LO customer service counter and thank them for helping us grow. This promotion will run until October 22nd. A big thank you to BI-LO and Dole for supporting our efforts.

Join Us As We Celebrate The 3 Year Anniversary of the Katie’s Krops Dinner


Three years ago, our Founder, Katie, who at the time was only 12-years-old, attempted to make a delivery of fresh produce from her Katie’s Krops Gardens to the only full-time soup kitchen in Summerville. She found a note on the door which read that due to financial issues, the soup kitchen had to shut their doors. Knowing how many people in our community needed access to free, healthy meals, Katie, along with the support of her friends, teachers, parents and the head of food services at her school, created ‘The Katie’s Krops Dinner,’ a garden to table dinner for anyone in need of a healthy meal.


Over the course of three years, these dedicated young volunteers, who themselves prepare, cook and serve every meal, have provided a healthy and free meal to thousands of individuals in need in our community. On average now, the young Katie’s Krops Crew serves 120 people per dinner. Every meal is based on the harvest from the Katie’s Krops gardens and is healthy, well balanced and free and everyone is always welcome to join us at the Katie’s Krops Dinner table!


Please join us at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22nd at Summerville Baptist Church as we celebrate the three year anniversary of the Katie’s Krops Dinner. In addition to a free, healthy, garden to table dinner, we will host a children’s book giveaway and a cake walk. Summerville Baptist is located at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville, South Carolina.


Join us as we celebrate how youth in our community have come together to create a positive change through one garden, one dinner, and one healthy meal at a time.



How 802 Shoes Helped Katie’s Krops Grow


This is the story of how 802 shoes helped Katie’s Krops grow.  My ten-year-old brother, John Michael, has been by my side from the day my tiny cabbage seedling went into the ground.  He has volunteered in the gardens, supported my efforts and has helped Katie’s Krops grow.  This summer, he helped us grow in the most unexpected way.

It was a Saturday morning in June when my brother and I heard our neighbor, Mr. Appelbaum, on the radio promoting a shoe drive at his Kia car dealership. He was asking for people to collect their old shoes and bring them to the dealership to help people in need.  My brother turned to me and suggested we could help collect shoes.  That is when the idea hit me.  We could throw a Philanthro-Party, a party that gives back!  This idea belongs my great friend, Lulu, the founder of LemonAID Warriors.  The idea behind the party is simple; it is a party with a purpose. We would ask John Michael’s friends to clean out their closets and bring any shoes they no longer needed to the party.  It would be a party that gave back.  And when would we host this party?  Well, why not today!

We got right to work.  It was a sunny Saturday morning, a perfect day for a party.  We hit the ground running. Invitations, we would make those on our computer.  Refreshments, my mom always has cake mix and frosting on hand and I love to bake.  Decorations, my brother broke out the sidewalk chalk and colored the driveway in fun and colorful messages.  The guests, my brother and his best friend would drop off invitations to all of their friends in the neighborhood.  My brother even agreed to part with an I-Tunes gift card that he had received as a gift to give as a prize to the guest who brought the most shoes.

We were off to a great start.  The cake was made.  The invitations had been distributed.  Now it was time for me to step back and let my brother play host for his first Philanthro-Party.  The party was a huge success!  On only 4 hours’ notice, my brother’s friends had gathered bags and bags of shoes. They came, they snacked, they played, they had a great time, and they gave back to help people in need.  It was the perfect party.

That night, my brother gathered his shoe collection and made a surprise delivery to our neighbor, Mr. Appelbaum. What happened next was wonderful and most unexpected.  Mr. Appelbaum was so excited for the help with his shoe drive, that he invited my brother to join him on a radio tour to promote the shoe drive. For those of you who do not know my brother, he is very shy and reserved.  A radio tour is definitely not in his comfort zone.  He rose to the occasion and hit the airwaves, and in the process, he got a lot of laughs and a whole new group of supporters.

The shoes came pouring in, and in, and in.  His teachers showed up at our doorstep with boxes filled with shoes.  Friends called to let us know that bags of shoes were waiting for my brother on their doorstep.  The community rallied around his efforts.  It was amazing.  When all was said and done, my brother had collected 802 shoes, or 400 pairs and 2 odd shoes.

On another Saturday morning, we loaded not one, but two trucks with his massive shoe collection and head to Kia Country of Charleston to deliver the shoes for the Soles4Souls shoes drive.  I was so proud of my brother and his efforts and so was Mr. Appelbaum and his new friends at the radio station. They presented John Michael with six tickets to WWE Raw.  For a ten year old WWE fan, it does not get any better than that!  He was thrilled.  At this point, you would think that this is where the story ends.  But wait, just how did his giant shoe collection help Katie’s Krops grow?

Monster High and Mattel were hosting a contest for the best Philanthro-Party.  I entered on behalf of John Michael, sharing my brothers efforts. WE WON!!!!  His prize was a Monster High prize pack and a $1,000 for his favorite charity….Katie’s Krops!

Thank you John Michael for helping Mr. Applebaum, Souls4Soles, people in need everywhere and for helping Katie’s Krops!  I am so very proud of you. And that, my friends, is the story of how 802 shoes helped Katie’s Krops grow.




We are Proud to Announce the 2013 Volunteer & Grantee of the Year

Katie’s Krops is proud to announce the ‘2013 Volunteer of the Year’ and the ‘2013 Grantee of the Year’. Katie Smoak , age 17, of Summerville has been named the 2013 Katie’s Krops Volunteer of the Year. Katie is a senior at the Pinewood Preparatory School and has been a dedicated Katie’s Krops volunteer for several years working in the garden and spending the past two years cooking and serving meals for families in need as part of the Katie’s Krops Dinners.

“Katie has been a true leader, supporting and guiding our younger volunteers. Most importantly, Katie gets to know the people we support at Katie’s Krops. She takes the time to talk with them, find about their needs and then addresses them. We are thrilled to have her as part of our Katie’s Krops Crew,” noted Stacy Stagliano, President of Katie’s Krops.

Along with the honor comes a $500 scholarship for her education.

Ted Colwell, age 12, of Wisconsin was name the 2013 Katie’s Krops Grantee of the Year. Ted has been growing with Katie’s Krops for three years. He has grown thousands of pounds of healthy, fresh food for families in need in his community. This year, he has stepped up to mentor new Katie’s Krops growers from Maine to Hawaii. He too received a scholarship for his education.

“Ted has gone so above and beyond what is required of our grantees. He is not only growing an amazing harvest but he is inspiring, supporting and encouraging other young growers,” said Katie Stagliano, Founder of Katie’s Krops.

Both Katie and Ted were surprised with their awards at the first Katie’s Krops Camp, which was held this summer with the generous support of W.P. Rawl. As part of the camp experience, the young growers, along with the support of the regular dedicated Katie’s Krops crew, held a Katie’s Krops Dinner in Columbia. The two young volunteers were honored in front of the 140 guests attending the dinner.


Katie’s Krops Camp Story – A Guest Blog


           Well, to begin with, the experience was not a story. It was a real experience that was like a story. I got to meet Katie Stagliano! A story in a way, yes, but a real experience too.

          My name is Shawna and I’m 14 years old. I have been involved in Katie’s Krops for 2 years now, and I have enjoyed it very much. When I first heard that I was going to the Katie’s Krops Camp, I was thrilled. I thought, “I get to go meet Katie and learn a few tips on the way.” My thoughts were nothing like what I was treated to at the Katie’s Krops Camp of 2013. Every minute was packed full of exciting new tips and tricks for gardening, talking with 12 other grantees from around the country, and, yes, meeting Katie and her mom, Mrs. Stacy, in person!

Day 1: Pretty awesome!

At our first meeting, campers and Katie’s Krops directors introduced themselves to each other at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. We then listened to a few directors, Katie, and Ashley Rawl. Then there were the watermelon pirates that accompanied us with our dinner of hamburgers that included all the fresh fixings, several salads, and peaches. After dinner, we went back to our hotel and slept off our weariness.

Day 2: Even better than the first day!

We had breakfast at the hotel, and then hopped on a bus to the Katie’s Krops Garden at WPRawl. We had 4 workshops packed full of information. We learned about irrigation systems, pesticide sprays, composting, and assembling garden carts. We then returned to the WPRawl headquarters to have a delicious lunch of tacos and peaches with homemade ice cream. Yummy! Then we learned about some photography and social media ways to support Katie’s Krops. After taking a hayride back to the garden, we picked the Katie’s Krops dinner vegetables that came in to total over 100 pounds! Next, we returned to the hotel to have time to swim, relax, and clean up until we would jump up the bus steps again to go make the Katie’s Krops dinner. With all of the fresh vegetables donated by WPRawl, we had grilled chicken, pasta salad, bread, roasted veggies, and cucumber salad. For desert, there were fruit parfaits. We got to make and serve the dinner with Chef McNeill, and clean up afterwards too. Then, we all jumped on the bus again, pulled out of the parking lot, were in the middle of the road, and bam. The bus was stuck! Oh well, we all had a great time and did get to the hotel safe and sound. Then, good night every one was the next few words and we all moseyed back to bed.

Day 3: Incredible day!

Today was the last day. We started off the day with breakfast, then heading out to the WPRawl garden. We got to plant sweet potatoes and build raised beds along with planting a few other vegetables and learning different techniques to building a new garden. I loved learning how to plant the potatoes in tires!! Then we had a fun scavenger hunt that made us look for herbs, bugs, varieties of raised beds and specific pollinating vegetables. Then back on the bus to the headquarters it was. There, we had lunch that the Kitchen Crew did an awesome job of preparing and listened to 2 grantees talk about their garden and experience with Katie’s Krops. Finally, we all found out that we had little gift bags. In them were our very own, personal Katie’s Krops business cards!!! We also received some blank thank you cards with the Katie’s Krops emblem on it. And on top of everything that WPRawl had done for us, they donated gift cards to each and every one of the campers to help keep our gardens growing and purchase new equipment that we learned about at the camp!   Then came the sad said goodbyes. Everyone parted ways and went back home.

          The Katie’s Krops Camp has left me even more excited to grow a garden that will produce lots of fresh food for the people in need. More than ever before, I want to be a part of Katie’s dream to help end hunger one vegetable garden at a time!

          I would like to thank WPRawl ( so much for all of the time and money that they spent on making this event possible. I don’t think that I would ever had been able to meet Katie and learned so much about gardening if they had not sponsored the trip. The people at WPRawl were very friendly too. With everything that they had to do, they still not only made time for us, but welcomed us into their family business with open arms. Thank you WPRawl!

          Katie and Stacy Stagliano, you deserve a huge thank you! Everything that you did and are still doing is making a difference in today’s world and in mine. You have done so much all of the Katie’s Krops Grantees and for me. Thank you!



Please join us for the first Katie’s Krops Dinner in Columbia, South Carolina

Please join us for the first Katie’s Krops Dinner in Columbia, South Carolina. The FREE & healthy meal will be served on Wednesday, July 17th at Westminster Presbyterian Church located at 1715 Broad River Road in Columbia. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome at the Katie’s Krops Dinner table. The menu will be based on the harvest from our garden. For questions about this dinner please contact Stacy at (843)327-3366.


What’s Your Forty-Pound Cabbage?

What’s Your Forty-Pound Cabbage?

Posted: 06/19/2013 3:53 pm


When Katie Stagliano was nine years old she participated in the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Growing project. Established in 2002 to inspire kids to grow vegetables, the purpose of the program is as straightforward as you’d think it ought to be. Grow cabbage. And, that’s exactly what she did; except this was no ordinary produce — Katie grew a forty pound cabbage. Most people, young or old, would probably take some pictures and maybe think “Coleslaw for everyone!” But not Katie. She saw this enormous piece of produce as both a challenge and an opportunity. In Katie’s own words:

At the age of nine, I did not have a true understanding of the complexities of the issue of hunger. What I did understand was that there were individuals and families in my community who did not have enough to eat. I have a backyard where I could and do grow fresh vegetables and donate the produce to families that are struggling with hunger — a simple solution to a problem that is not only in my community, but also globally.

And thus, Katie’s Krops was born.

Across the country young people just like Katie are seeing problems in their community and coming up with solutions to address them.

Yash Gupta’s high school career began in a most inauspicious way — his eyeglasses broke. As he stumbled through his first weeks of school without being able to see the board clearly and in general feeling more overwhelmed and disoriented than your typical freshman, one thing did become crystal clear for Yash — good vision might possibly be the most important and most overlooked component to a student’s academic success.

With a little digging, Yash learned that there are 13 million children in the world who need glasses but cannot afford them; he also found out that more than three million pairs of used eyeglasses are discarded in North America every year. So, Yash started Sight Learning to try to bridge the gap. For Yash, this isn’t merely about eyeglasses for 13 million kids; it is much, much more.

“These 13 million children are students, students who cannot make the most of their educational opportunities because of a lack of eyeglasses, which prevents them from being able to see and consequently learn,” Yash shared.

They are 13 million potential leaders, 13 million youth who can change the world in the future. Sight Learning’s work matters, not only because we are providing eye-glasses to students in developing nations, giving them better access to education and helping them for the future, but we are also inspiring youth around the world to take a stand, find a passion and make a difference.

Katie is 14 and Yash is 17. They are two of the six generationOn Hasbro Community Action Heroes selected this year — each remarkable in his or her own way. A Hasbro Community Action Hero is a young person who makes an extraordinary mark on the world through service. The winners’ achievements must demonstrate outstanding service to one’s local, national or global community, extraordinary effort in creating innovative solutions to community needs and leadership of an exceptional service or advocacy activity.

And, yes, it is true that Katie is the youngest person to ever receive the Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership in Civil Society, and it is also true that Yash’s organization has — thus far — raised more than $350,000 (7,000 pairs of eyeglasses and counting!) and conducted eye screenings in developing countries. They are, in a word, exceptional. What they are not, however, is “the exception” when it comes to youth service.

Both Katie and Yash embody the blessing of being young — sometimes things actually can be as straightforward as they appear, and young people really don’t like taking no for an answer. There is a lot we can learn from them. All Katie really did was grow an exceptionally large cabbage and then think to herself “there’s got to be something productive I can do with this produce.” When she donated it to a local food kitchen and learned that her one cabbage helped feed 275 people, her path became exceedingly clear — get kids to garden and grow vegetables because they can, and then have them donate the fresh produce to organizations working to alleviate community hunger. She did not know — to be fair she was nine, so she could not know — about all the exigencies surrounding hunger in the US and the disproportionate lack of fresh produce in anti-hunger efforts. But with more than 60 youth-run vegetable gardens in the country, from Hawaii to Maine, and more than 7,500 pounds of fresh food delivered, it’s safe to say she knows now.

Yash had a crummy start to high school and after a new pair of glasses, put his world back in view that could have been the end of it. But Yash amplified his experience, multiplied the effects over the course of an academic lifetime, was able to see the lost potential and created a pretty straightforward solution because as he rightly notes, “If every one of those three million pairs of glasses was collected instead of being discarded, every needy child without eyeglasses could have a pair in less than five years.” For just a minute, consider not being a grown-up and getting wrapped up in the logistics about prescriptions and shipping and all the reasons why it couldn’t be that easy, and just do the simple math… he’s right.

So, our task, challenge and collective reason for being here might not be to celebrate Katie and Yash — along with the other 2013 Hasbro Community Action Heroes, including Carter Jenkins (age 15), Stephanie Jennis (age 17), Zach Morgan (age 8) and Grace Anne Remey (age 9) — although certainly they deserve to be celebrated. It may just be to emulate them, take a page from their book, do as they have done and will, thankfully, continue to do. Summer is an excellent time to dip your toe into service with a small project — or jump all the way in to volunteerism as these young leaders have done.

Which really just leaves us with one question to answer: “America, what’s your forty-pound cabbage?”


When Katie Stagliano was nine years old she participated in the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Growing project. Established in 2002 to inspire kids to grow vegetables, the purpose of the program is as straigh…
When Katie Stagliano was nine years old she participated in the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Growing project. Established in 2002 to inspire kids to grow vegetables, the purpose of the program is as straigh…


Speaking Requests

Touring the country speaking about her dream and youth service has earned Katie the “The Stellar Speaker designation”. To inquire about having 17-year-old Katie speak at your event, or to your organization and about associated speaking fees, please e-mail Due to her high school schedule dates are limited.