Become a Grower

The 2025 Katie’s Krops Grower Search will open on October 1st. Visit this page to learn more about becoming a young Katie’s Krops Grower and starting an edible gardening in your community where the whole harvest is shared to help feed your neighbors facing food security.

Join us in welcoming our 2024 Katie’s Krops Growers!

We are excited to welcome seven new gardens to the Katie’s Krops growing family in 2024. These new young Growers will join hundreds of kids nationwide who are growing a heartfelt harvest.
In the coming months, we will share their stories, harvests, and impact on the communities where they grow.

Mikey, Elizabeth, Oliver, Joseph, Isahia, Ramona, and Camden Elementary, we are excited to gr🍅w with you!

Thank you, Park Seed, for supporting our Growers and allowing us to share opportunities with youth to grow a better tomorrow for our neighbors facing hunger and food insecurity.

If you are not in the age range to apply to become a grower but are still interested in starting a garden, below are links to sponsors and additional resources for growing your own garden!

Start Your Own Garden

Katie started her gardening adventure from a young age. “In 2008, when I was only in the third grade, a tiny cabbage seedling from the ‘Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program’ changed my life forever.

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