Thanks Mom

This Mothers’ Day I want to thank my amazing mom for everything she does for me. She is always at my side, no matter what. She supports me in sports and with my project. She comes to school plays and events. Mom works really hard too. She helps me with my project, which now has become her full time job while balancing a lot of things other moms do, like commuting to and from school, making lunches, cleaning the house, and finding time for her. My mom is wonderful! I couldn’t do half the things I do without her love and support. She deserves a big hug for everything she does for me and my brother John Michael. Everyone deserves an amazing mom like mine; my life would be a lot different without her. I love you mom! Thanks for being the best mom I could ever ask for!

The Ridgeville Girls

I want to thank my amazing friends who on a hot, 90 degree day make a point to follow me down a never ending dirt road to support me and plant a garden. Those are my true friends, the people who will always be my friends. It is so much more fun to have friends come and support you when you are doing an event, or in this case planting a garden. Time goes by a lot faster, and even though it was 90 degrees, you don’t even notice the heat when you are laughing with your friends.  After planting we visited the animals which were a hoot! We feed the goats who nibbled on our hands,  we got a laugh out of that, and visited Onyx and Dakota, Mr. Bob’s horses. Mr. Bob gave us each two treats, one for Onyx and one for Dakota.  When I feed the horses I thought they would eat my hand,(well at least that’s what I thought). Dakota was shy, whined and never came up to us because she was so scared. Onyx however lucked out and let us feed and pet him. We had a lot of fun. And we learned that for two weeks over the summer, Mr. Bob will be away and asked us to watch the farm for him. And yes, that includes feeding the goats and horses.  My friends said they would be there right by my side helping me care for the garden on the farm and visiting the animals. THANKS GUYS!!! Y’ALL ARE GREAT FRIENDS!! =D

Thanks to~







A Big Thank You!!!

My school garden is planted and looks fabulous! For the first time the kindergarten came out to help and did an amazing job!!! They had a great attitude and listened to all directions. I was so impressed. I met an adorable little girl named Nicole. She was so nice and we worked together for a long time. She asked me lots of questions like how I started the garden. I wondered around helping the little kids plant vegetables. My brother is in kindergarten and he and his friends were so helpful.

2nd grade came to help too. They finished so fast!! And did a good job at that. In-between high school classes came and worked harder than I could ask for. They planted, hauled compost & dirt, set tomato cage, placed the hay for mulch and tilled.  And finally my class came. They finished off the garden. It looks amazing! It is so great to have so much help.

I want to thank everybody who made this garden possible, Troy Bilt, Bonnie Plants, Flowertown Garden Center, Disney Friends for Change, Epcot Gardeners, Pinewood, and kindergarden, 2nd, high school, and 5th grade. I also want to give an extra special thank you to Ms. Lisa, Ms. Darcey, and my mom who worked really hard from7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. THANK YOU!!!

Earth Day Fun!

My planting day at Children’s Orchard in Summerville was a success. The kids were really excited to plant the seeds and did a great job at it. It was fun to talk to little kids and see how excited they were about gardening. I hope their seeds sprout into garden dreams like mine. I love working with Children’s Orchard (and I love shopping there, they have super cute clothes!).We are setting the date for our second vegetable donation day this summer. As soon as I have the date I will let you know so you can mark your calendars. A big thank you to my great friend Chloe for coming and helping out.




Yesterday, (Saturday, April 17), planting day at the Pallmetto House garden, was a HUGE sucsess!! In an two hours we planted over three hundred plants (that is what happens when you works as a team)!!! I was so happy to have residents of the homeless shelter help (from the past and present). I had alot of friend and family there too! My friend Arrington, her mom and sister Lydia, The Makeys, Lily and Eloise (former residents), Mr. Colin, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Albert (current residents) my grandparents, my mom, my master gardener Ms. Lisa and her husband Ty, my little brother John Michael who worked very hard (I am very proud of you John Michael) and everyone else who helped make this garden possible.The new garden looks amazing! We planted about eight rows of vegetables, Tomatoes, Peppers (Bell and Banana),Starwberries, Eggplant, squash, zuchani. potatoes, Okra, and a patch of herbs. Also flowers to attract bees (white ones).

     This garden is really special for alot of reasons!

                                            1. This is the first garden I’ve been asked to start.

                                            2.  This is the first garden at a homeless shelter/ soup kitchen

                                            3. The residents helped plant it

                                            4. They’ll have fresh vegetables to eat right in their backyard

                                            5. This is my sixth garden!!!! 

  Thank you to everyone who helped make this garden possible!!!

Bonnie Plants

Mr. Colin and Mr. Kevin

Ms. Lisa and Mr. Ty

The Pallmetto House

Troy Bilt

 My friends at People Magazine

And all my friends and supporters

Another Garden

Who  knew I’d find a spot for ANOTHER garden so quickly? During our last visit to Tri County Family Ministries my dad said, “I see you guys don’t have any land for a garden.” Ms. Sue (she runs Tri County) whipped around in her chair, “Do you see those three boxes over there?” she pointed to three 20 by 4 green boxes, “We can use those.” Hopefully all will go well and I’ll have another garden at Tri County Family Ministries the soup kitchen where I donated my huge 40 pound cabbage. That will be great for them because they can go and harvest any fresh vegetables when they need them. My mom and I scoped the area out and we think we’ll plant herbs, tomatoes, and green peppers.  Let’s just hope! And while I’m talking about Tri County I’d like to honor/thank Leo. He was a volunteer there and was hit by a car and died this week. I am very sorry for his friends and family. And thanks Leo. It’s people like you that really impact the fight against hunger just by helping at the soup kitchen.

Mr. Bob Rocks!

Something amazing happen today!
A year ago I didn’t even know Mr. Bob until he showed up at a vegetable (food)  drive I was having to collected fresh veggies for the soup kitchens. That day he told me that  he wanted to help me.  He let me borrow his rocking John Deer Tractor with AC and sate-light radio.  He gave me a large plot of land on his farm to grow vegetables for the soup kitchens but today he out did himself!  I went out to his farm and I found out he’d built a greenhouse and a whole maze of planters with a beautiful fountain in the middle for me to use! They look amazing! I’m going to store my seed trays there. This year planting will be so much easier on his farm because we won’t have to bend down to plant! We can just use the handy planters! I was so happy when I saw all the wonderful things he’d done for me! The greenhouse is amazing (it even has ducks, real live ducks in it). Thanks Mr. Bob you rock and thank you to everyone who helps and supports me.

I couldn’t do this without you. 

The ‘Magic’ Seeds….

I recently went on a wonderful trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, where I got a private greenhouse tour in Epcot. The gardener at The Land gave me lots of “magic” seeds and I learned many different and unique ways to grow plants. The Disney greenhouses were absolutely amazing! I saw so many different plants I’d never seen before! I learned many methods they use to grow things in their greenhouses. They use gutters to plant the lettuce in, created a “Tomato Tree” that set the world record for the most tomatoes in one year (32,000), and grow their brussels sprouts hanging with their roots in the air (no dirt!). I tried a cucumber that they grew in their greenhouse and it was really tasty! My little brother who won’t eat anything green couldn’t get enough. It was a blast, but I had another surprise.


There were a lot of interns working there and every time I met one, they presented me with a pack of “Disney magic” seeds. I got everything from Peperoncino to Fairytale Eggplant.

We just started the seeds in seed trays and hopefully the vegetables I grow will be as amazing as the ones they grow at Disney! Even if I’m only half as successful as them I know I will feed thousands of people with the seeds they provided to me. Thank You Disney!!!

P.S. If you ever go to Disney/Epcot be sure to sign up for the “Behind the Seeds Tour”.  It is so amazing.  Tell them Cabbage Katie says ‘Hi’.

Never Giving Up!!!

Gardening may be fun and easy, but it can also be hard at times. My garden in my neighborhood is exactly that, a challenge. If getting eating by mountains of fire ants (some piles are twice as big as the cabbages), having rabbits and deer use the garden as a restaurant, having vandals destroy it, and trying to raise money to fix the problems doesn’t sound hard, then I don’t know what does. Well, that is what we have to deal with to keep the garden going. I would hate to let it go, so I’m not giving up!  We are going to fight the mountains of fire ants. Hopefully something will work (any suggestions please send them our way)! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! We’re also trying to find someone to donate a better fence, one the deer and rabbits can’t cross!  Any offers to donate a fence would be sooooo appreciated! There is nothing we can do about the vandals but hope they don’t come back & hope they realize how many people this garden can help feed! I really hope I can keep this garden. I am not giving up!