CeCe – Maryland

CeCe, 13 years-old, lives in Urbana, Maryland. CeCe has quickly learned, “It takes only one small gesture to make someone’s day, and it creates a positive impact.” She has five plots at a local community garden, of which three parcels have been donated by the owners of Stone Barn Community Gardens and two plots gifted by her parents. CeCe also has a garden at her elementary school (Centerville), which she has since graduated from. The school garden is a quarter of an acre of land. In addition to all of these garden spaces, CeCe has also expanded her efforts to grow a healthy end to hunger by using growing bags to grow at her home. 

CeCe shares her harvest with a local senior community center, but with the current COVID 19 pandemic and the center shut down, and the lack of fresh vegetables in stores, she will donate to her immediate local community. 

“I grow because I love helping people who are in need and don’t have the resources to afford food. This year the need isn’t necessarily about those in financial need but also the lack of availability of some fresh vegetables in our stores. We have had a lot of families that have been laid off or have had their hours cut due to the current situation, and I want to be able to do what I can.”