Charlotte ~ Texas

For Charlotte Ferrell, a 10th grader attending online school in Belton, Texas, being a Katie’s Krops gardener gives her a perfect opportunity to combine three things that are very important to her – family, serving others, and nurturing plants.

Even before becoming a Katie’s Krops Grower, Charlotte was already growing plants in her family’s apartment. When her family and that of her uncle and pastor,  including her cousins, moved into side-by-side homes on a 12-acre plot of land, they had the space to grow numerous fruits and vegetables in an 80 by 40 foot in-ground garden.

Charlotte is close to her cousins Cassandra, Cayla, and Charmayne (18, 16, and 15, respectively), and her nieces Stevie and Ja’el Vaughn (16 and 14) all work together in the garden. The men in the family contribute by doing heavy labor, such as hoeing and tilling the rocky soil.

Finishing up her second year in the Katie’s Krops program, Charlotte says that various greens are the most productive crop. Still, they’ve also successfully grown watermelon, tomatoes, onions, peppers, squash, figs, and other fruit.

No garden is without problems, and this one is no exception. In addition to the rocky soil, problems faced include rabbits, for which they built a fence as a deterrent and a lot of sun that quickly dried out the plants until a sprinkler system was installed.

Charlotte and her family donate their produce to Feed My Sheep, a program of Community Outreach Ministry Efforts ( that provides fresh, organic food, eggs from their chickens, and dairy products from their cattle. Desiree Moore, the organization’s president, says that Charlotte’s bubbly, helpful personality and her dedication to helping others makes her a God-sent blessing to both Feed My Sheep and other programs that C.O.M.E. has, such as a food pantry and a monthly giveaway of clothing and household items. Charlotte is happy that she has been able to turn something that started as a hobby into a garden that helps others and can share her blessings with help from Katie’s Krops.