Classroom Instructors

Katie Stagliano

Founder, Chief Executive Gardener & Teacher

“Katie’s Krops started in my backyard and has now grown to over 100 gardens growing across the United States in 30 states. Every Katie’s Krops Garden is youth-run. Thousands of children across the country are getting their hands dirty working to end hunger in their communities.

Thank you to everyone who believed in my dream and has supported the efforts of our young Growers, our Katie’s Krops Dinners and our Outdoor Classroom. Together we are a powerful force and have made a tremendous difference in the last 14 years. I am so excited to see what the future holds for us and to continue our fight to end hunger, one vegetable garden at a time!”

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Molly Jones

Teacher (4-H Youth Development Agent)

“It is such a pleasure to be in partnership with Katie’s Krops outdoor classroom! We are thrilled to provide hands-on “learn by doing” 4-H educational opportunities for the youth in Dorchester County through Clemson Extension’s 4-H Youth Development Programming. Katie’s Flagship Garden is truly a magical place buzzing with life and possibilities. We strive to “Make the Best Better” through youth-centered class offerings and enrichment opportunities.”

Lisa Turocy

Master Gardener, Teacher and Board Member

“Education is one of the primary tenets of being a Master Gardener.  I am more than overjoyed to be able to share my Master Gardener knowledge with both the youth and adults in our community through the curriculum I have created and the range of classes that I teach in the outdoor classroom.

Since 2008, I have been volunteering in Dorchester County as a certified Clemson Extension Master Gardener.  Since 2009, I have had the pleasure of working with Katie’ Krops, volunteering in the Katie’s Krops gardens, and assisting the Katie’s Krops Growers both locally and nationally.

 I am honored to be one of the original Katie’s Krops board members.  It truly has been quite the journey watching how the organization has grown over the years and seeing all that has been accomplished.”

Emilee Elingburg

Director of Educational Programs at The Bee Cause Project

Emily is a veteran Montessori teacher who loves nature, science, extremely quirky bee facts, and pollinator gardening. She enjoys giving pollinator presentations to the volunteers and students at Katie’s Krops because they are always excited to learn more about the way pollinators live and work in our community. From investigating the life inside of a beehive to understanding the part pollinators play in our food systems, the families at Katie’s Krops are invested in helping The Bee Cause inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. 

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The Classroom

The outdoor classroom is a beautiful natural space located in the heart of our flagship garden! Students and their guardians will become a part of an immersive experience, where teachers use the garden and nature as learning tools.

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Deandra Waring

Old Santee Canal Park

Deandra Waring is a  Education Coordinator at the Old Santee Canal Park located in Moncks Corner.  On multiple occasions, she has brought the park’s rich history to Katie’s Krops for students to enjoy firsthand.

Adam Bedard

Old Santee Canal Park

Adam Bedard is a Education Coordinator at the Old Santee Canal Park located in Moncks Corner. On multiple occasions, he has brought the park’s rich history to Katie’s Krops for students to enjoy firsthand.  Adam says that his favorite thing about presenting at Katie’s Krops was t” the small interactive class sizes and students’ eagerness to learn.”

Steve Chapman

Classroom Instructor

Steve Chapman is the regional manager of the Southeastern Bonnie Plants growing station. The Southeastern Bonnie Plants growing station has been managed by his family for generations. He is a wealth of gardening knowledge and teaches growing classes to both children and adults in our outdoor classroom. Steve has sat on our board for the past year.