Coach Bill Buldini- You are a Hero!

Today I saw a very sad story posted on the front page of Yahoo. It was about a Florida football coach who let a homeless player live with him. The coach is now suspended and he and the school are being fined thousands of dollars. The reason? By letting the player live with him he violated a Florida High School Athletic Association code. The code states that no school employee or representative of the school’s athletic department can provide or promise free or reduced-cost housing for a potential athlete in their program.  That is just truly sad. The coach should be rewarded for his actions, not punished. If I were that homeless kid, I would be happy that someone stepped in to help me. It is not his fault he is homeless. But now, he is suspended from the team and got the coach in trouble. I see homeless kids at the shelter and know them, they are my friends. These kids need to be part of a team. They need to be supported by their community. They don’t need to feel like they are being punished for being homeless. We need more people like Coach Bill Buldini in the world. Mr. Buldini, I support you, don’t let anyone get you down. You did the right thing.