Congratulation to the 10 Winners of the Katie’s Krops Grants!


Selecting the winners of the spring 2011 Katie’s Krops grants was a huge challenge. We received over 200 fantastic grant applications. The plan was to select just two winners but that proved impossible. There were seven applications that stood out and the decision was made to give all seven applicants the grant. There were also three applications that I couldn’t afford to give a full grant to but wanted to help. They received a mini grant.

The winners are:

-Aiden from New York

-Ms. Babin’s Class from Georgia

-Chance, Canyon & Hunter from Arkansas

-Martha from North Carolina

-Phoebe from Massachusetts

-Rockella from New York

-Ms. Smith’s Class from Kentucky  

-The mini grant winners-

-Dominic from Georgia

-Ted from Wisconsin

-Zachary from Pennsylvania  

Please check back to read about the winners gardening adventures and about the people they help in their communities. They will be writing blogs for Katie’s Krops and sharing their photos.

It is my dream to be able to fund additional grants. If you are interested in receiving a grant from Katie’s Krops to start a garden to feed people please continue to check the website for details. If you are interested in making a donation to help fund garden grants please contact us at