Congratulations Sarah on Winning a Katie’s Krops Grant!

Congratulations, Sarah the Katie’s Krops/AllyKatzz Grant Winner!!!

 I am very excited to announce the winner of the Katie’s Krops/AllyKatzz Grant, Sarah, from Virginia!  I loved Sarah’s application! I knew from the minute I read it we were so much alike. Sarah is very passionate and excited about gardening and giving back! In fact, Sarah was so excited that she didn’t wait to see if she was the winner of the grant to start her garden, she began shortly after she applied! Here is what Sarah wrote in her application, I saw Katie on the news and Disney Channel. That inspired me to grow the vegetables I have in pots to something bigger. When Katie said That a kid can do anything they put their minds to that has made me what I am, a runner, a gardener and a helpful person to people. I immediately knew I needed to make Sarah a member of the Katies Krops family.

 It was even more special to find out that Sarah wanted to come and meet ME at the AllyKatzz Year of the Youth Culmination Celebration at the United Nations! Sarah is the first grantee I have ever met in person. It was a very special day for me for many reasons but meeting Sarah made it even more exciting! I was able to award her the grant in person at the French Institute and she had a great time at the celebration as did I! We both walked away so inspired by the people we meet, the speeches we heard and the realization that we can change the world.

 Choosing a grantee is the most difficult part of the process. There are so many amazing girls out there who are passionate about this issue also. I always have trouble narrowing down the grantees as I did this time. I look forward to giving out more grants in the future.

 Thank you to everyone who applied for the Katies Krops/AllyKatzz Grant and a huge thank you to Miss Denise, Miss Carol, Monique and to Disney Friend for Change for allowing me to be part of an amazing event that truly inspired so many!