Congratulations to our Katie’s Krops Growers & Volunteer of the Year

For 2014, it is our honor to officially announce the Katie’s Krops Growers of the Year and the Katie’s Krops Volunteer of the Year. These outstanding young ladies have gone above and beyond to help end hunger in their communities. We are extremely proud to have them as part of our growing family. In addition to the title of ‘Grower of the Year’ and ‘Volunteer of the Year,’ they will receive a scholarship for their higher education.

Katie’s Krops Growers of the Year

Erika and Shawna Hettick from Washington State have been growing with Katie’s Krops for the past three years. Together, these sisters are a powerful team that have been actively growing an end to hunger in their community and positively growing the footprint of Katie’s Krops by expanding their efforts and the impact that they could make outside of the garden. After Shawna attended the inaugural Katie’s Krops Camp, she was empowered to help Katie’s Krops beyond her community. The sisters traveled to meet one of our wonderful sponsors, First Fruits Marketing of Washington, in their home state. In addition to reaching out to personally thank the wonderful people who are helping us grow, they have also helped us secure new grant funding and encouraged our Founder, Katie, to apply for the Prudential Community of Spirit Awards, which she went on to win. Their passion for Katie’s Krops has truly helped us grow!

Katie’s Krops Volunteer of the Year

Arden McNeill volunteered at our very first Katie’s Krops Dinner almost four years ago. Little did we know that night how our dinner model would grow, reaching on average 150 people per dinner. From the moment we served  our first hot and healthy meal to the people in need in the Lowcountry, Arden has rarely missed the opportunity to help at a dinner. When a family vacation conflicted with a Katie’s Krops Dinner, she persuaded her father to postpone their vacation so that she could attend and help at the dinner. Arden is a valuable volunteer in the kitchen and in the dining room. For her dedication to feeding the Lowcountry, Arden is our volunteer of the year!