Disney Film Crew Visits Pinewood Garden

 Disney film crew visits Pinewood garden

Published Friday, November 26, 2010 11:12 AM

By Stefan Rogenmoser
Summerville Journal Scene ®

On Nov. 12 the garden behind Pinewood Preparatory School looked more like a Hollywood movie set than a place to learn. Boom stands, mirrors, reflectors, deflectors, diffusers, big video cameras, microphones on boom stands, a camouflage net and props. A Disney film crew of about 30 people showed up to record the show “Friends For Change.” Disney actors Kelsey Chow and Doc Shaw from the show “Pair Of Kings” were present, as were several Pinewood students, including Katie Stagliano. Crews filmed Kaite and her classmates candidly planting and watering crops with the Disney stars. Director Michael Blum, wearing black jeans and a t-shirt, gathered the class in a group to shout “Friends For Change” after Katie, Chow and Shaw – standing in front— did about five takes of a promotional standup for the show. Between takes Summerville hair stylist Joyce Gilliard and New York make-up artist G.G. Collins – originally from Charleston – touched up the faces and hair of Chow and Shaw. The episode featuring Katie’s Krops is set to air in January. The Friends For Change Grants fund kids’ projects that help the environment and engage children ages 5 – 18 as leaders in their communities. Disney, working with YSA, awards 150 $500 grants each year. Katie is one of its recipients. The show is part of Disney’s “Project Green,” which is focused on the environment, said Bryan Weber of Disney’s Friends For Change. “Katie applied for Disney’s Friends For Change grant. Her story just jumped off the page. We’re here to tell the story of a real kid in action.” “I didn’t imagine any of this would ever happen,” Katie said. “It’s been a wild ride. It’s been a lot of fun. They’re here to highlight the Friends For Change grant, which has helped Katie’s Krops. They’re really awesome people.” Katie said they planted rows of crops and let ladybugs loose to fight off insects that might eat the crops. Katie hopes her actions will inspire other kids to follow their dreams, she said. “My dad always told me not to waste.” Pinewood Headmaster Glyn Cowlishaw said the garden shows how committed the school is to community service. “Katie and others have shown there are people less fortunate than themselves and have produced thousands and pounds of food for them.” Cowlishaw said teachers and students are heavily involved with the garden, which is a “classroom without walls.” “The Friends For Change people have been so helpful,” Stacy Stagliano, Katie’s mother, said. “It’s people like them that make this happen. I’m in absolute awe.” “Katie is very inspiring,” Chow said. “It’s important to let them know you can do so much in the community and around the world.” The Friends For Change promotion has showed kids that Disney actors are no higher than anyone else, Shaw said. “(Katie’s) really mature for her age. I’m glad to see young minds get involved.”