Embrace the Fall Season

The mission at Katie’s Krops is to feed as many people as necessary, but that mission cannot end when the summer tomatoes stop producing fruits. The families we help still need healthy meals after the summer harvest is over. Many people overlook the possibility of fall gardening but at Katie’s Krops we embrace the fall season!

When planning a fall garden there are several things to remember.

– Broccoli, Cabbage, lettuce, and other leafy greens are staples for every fall garden!
– Plant carrot seeds in mid-summer for a fall crop.
– Determining your growing season is very important.  12-14 weeks before your average first fall frost, start your seeds indoors in seed trays 8-10 weeks before the first frost, transplant your seeds to your garden!
– Just like a summer garden, fall gardens will need lot of sunlight. Because the temperature is cooler, direct sunlight is very important, make sure you choose your garden location carefully!
– To protect young plants, mulch them with hay or straw immediately after planting, and shade them – especially in the afternoon – with a shade cloth. The mulch keeps the soil cool and keeps weeds from taking over your garden.
– Cold weather plants love fertile soil, so work some compost into your soil before you plant your seedlings.
– Water is essential, and these crops like cool, moist soil. One inch of water per week is the suggested amount.