Happy Holidays!

Today I worked on my Katie’s Krops holiday cards. As I started addressing the envelopes I realized just how many wonderful people have supported me over this amazing journey. So often we get caught up in the moment that we forget to look at how far we have come and all of the wonderful people who helped (and are still helping). My holiday card brought brought back so many wonderful memories. There was my trip to Washington DC to accept the Sodexo STOP Hunger Award, the wonderful people at Troy-Bilt who provided Katie’s Krops will a tiller and cultivator and wow they both have made a huge positive impact on my gardens. There are the people from all over the country who wrote to me thanking me for what I am doing and the people who wrote to me because I inspired them to start a garden to feed people in need. There was Ms. Anita who I have never met and wanted to help by sending me bushel baskets to collect my harvest.  I love writing holiday cards to my wonderful friends at Disney and Bonnie Plants. The support you have shown to Katie’s Krops means the world to me and I hope I continue to make you proud. And there is Kealani who sends a $25 dollar check each month, thank you Kealani your donations are greatly appreciated!

There are the people that I am unable to send cards to that I am thinking of too. These are my friends who lived at Palmetto House before it had to temporarily close. I wonder where they are and I hope and prayer that they are safe, healthy and happy. Mr. Collin, Mr. Kevin and Ms. Elaine where ever the holiday find you this year I am thinking of you.

To everyone out there I am,

Wishing y’all a bountiful harvest this holiday season!