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the Monarchs!

What: We are on a mission to help Monarch butterflies. We’re raising money to build a butterfly house at Katie’s Krops. They will need milkweed plants, flowers for nectar, and protection from predators while they grow. – Trula, age 7, and Mazie, age 4

Why: The monarch butterflies are an endangered species. They will go extinct without our help. Monarch butterflies are beautiful and help pollinate plants so that we can have flowers to look at and food to eat. – Reese, 7 and Carley, 5

How: At Katie’s Krops, we are working together as a small group to make big changes! We are planting milkweed because this is the monarch caterpillars’ only food source. It’s important that they have enough! We are also planting flowers to help the monarch butterflies get nectar so they can get the energy they need to travel very long distances, like when they migrate to faraway places like Mexico. We’re planting at our houses, at Katie’s Krops flagship garden and we also received special permission to plant at our local county park! We want everything to be in place for when they are ready to lay eggs and travel.

We also hope to build a butterfly house to help keep them safe and protected from predators. We also hope people will learn from us about the monarchs and why they are so important. We want you and whoever is out there to know you can make a change to help!

The monarch species is running low and are on the endangered species list. Please come and help us! Thank you for joining Katie’s Krops on our mission to save the monarchs! Visit We love the monarchs! – Lily, age 6.5

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When: We expect the monarchs in our area in spring, and they leave in the fall. We saw the most last year in the summer. They start laying their eggs when the butterflies are a few days old. The new generation may continue further north, and then start returning in the fall – heading towards Mexico. – JD – age 7

Why: It’s important to get everything in place before the Monarchs arrive to our area because they will be looking for a place to lay their eggs. Monarchs only lay their eggs on milkweed so we will need plenty of milkweed before the Monarchs arrive. It is also important to have a butterfly house in place so that the caterpillars have a safe place to live. – Cameron age 8, Emmy age 6

Who: A group of kids are working together, as a team, to raise money for a butterfly house. We want to create a safe place to protect monarch butterflies. They’re close to extinction and we want to help them migrate to Mexico and survive.” —Jake, 8 years old.

We are proud to share that the butterfly house was designed and built by Kevin Arnold, Clemson University Graduate Architecture Student!

Watch Our Monarch Butterfly Release Here!

We are thrilled to share that we have welcomed our second round of Monarch caterpillars to our butterfly house in Monarch Meadows! In addition to the Monarch caterpillars, numerous Swallow Tail caterpillars are enjoying our hospitality.

Our guests are devouring milkweed at a rapid pace. Our young volunteers did a fantastic job growing milkweed from seed and planting the host plant around the butterfly house to attract the butterfly while also having enough to sustain the house.

Ollas, clay watering pots, now help us irrigate the house, and we have added beautiful hanging baskets for our guests. We are excited to share our second butterfly release with you soon.