Help Us Launch The Seeds of Change in 2021~ Sponsor Needed~

UPDATE~ Thank you I Heart Hungry Kids for stepping up to sponsor this initiative! We are so excited to partner with you!

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and quarantine, we launched the very first Seeds of Change program to provide children with a positive outlet. The program was a huge success!

In 2020 we engaged:
~302 families
~112 kindergarten students
~Shipped the seeds of change to 23 states and Canada
~Over 2250 seed packets have been shared!

Our efforts with the Seeds of Change were highlighted in USA Today and on the front page of numerous newspapers across the country. We heard from the families, and they share photos of their efforts. It is exciting to see what grew and how the seeds provided children with a positive outlet in uncertain times.

We plan on offering this program again in 2021 but require a sponsor to do so. This sponsorship will provide vegetable and flower seeds to children across the country and allow them to start a garden at their home to feed their family and their neighbors in need. The cost of the sponsorship is $850. If you would like to help launch this program in 2021, please email Thank you for your support~