Helping Us Secure a Garden Shed

We would be thrilled and honored to have your support in purchasing a second garden shed for our flagship garden. It has been a dream come true to expand our flagship garden and to open our outdoor classroom. We are able to grow more produce than ever before, and our classroom has been a huge success in engaging families from across our community. Over 60 percent of families who attend our classes have become volunteers that are helping us grow.

With the expansion and classroom has come the additional supplies and tools we need to grow and teach. We have completely outgrown the limited storage space we have in our flagship garden. We would be honored to have your support to raise funds to purchase a second garden shed to secure our tools and classroom supplies. We want to honor and respect every donation made to Katie’s Krops, and right now, we are not doing that successfully because we do not have space to keep items organized and preserved. We have reached a point where our current shed is overflowing with supplies and has become a hazard as we try to reach the tools we need. A new shed would be a huge blessing!