How to help your garden grow when it is freezing outside.

It maybe freezing outside but you can still help your garden grow.  How?  You can compost.  Compost is using waste to create nutrients for your garden.  How do you do it, is really is easy.  When my mom cooks we take the vegetables and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells and place them in a big bin.  When the bin is filled we take the bin to my garden and dump them in compost bin my dad and brother built. We dump the kitchen waste into the bin that also has dirt, newspapers, grass clippings, leaves that have fallen from the trees and the old plants that we pulled from the garden.  We make sure it stays moist and about twice a week with a pitch fork we turn the compost and it slowly decays.  When the compost is ready we will till it into future gardens.  Below is a list of items that you can and cannot compost thanks to my Master Gardener Ms. Lisa!  Give it a try, it cuts down on waste in our landfills and will really help your garden in the future!

Materials for Composting

Weeds (without seed heads)

Bread and Grains

Coffee Grounds and Filters

Tea Bags and Loose Tea Leaves

Egg Shells

Fruit / Vegetable Rinds, Peelings, etc.

Grass Clippings

Leaves (preferably mulched)

Sawdust from Untreated, Unpainted Wood



Wood Ash (moderate amounts)

Wood Chips



What Not to Compost




Cat or Dog Manure


Chicken Scraps

Fish Scraps


Vegetable Oil

Diseased Plants


Meats or Meat Fats


Peanut Butter

Salad Dressings

Sour Cream

Evergreen Leaves

Charcoal Ashes (can be toxic)

Any Treated, Painted Wood and/or Wood Chips

Coated Paper