Katie Stagliano, founder of Katie’s Krops, named ‘Southerner of the Year’ by Southern Living

Lowcountry native and Southern Magazine’s 2023 ‘Southerner of the Year’ sat down in our News 2 studios to tell us about her efforts in growing fresh produce and feeding people in the community.

Katie Stagliano, Founder and Chief Executive Gardener of ‘Katie’s Krops’, is reflecting on her record-breaking year in her flagship garden. Located in Summerville, Katie’s Krops grows thousands of pounds of fresh produce each year and feeds countless people across the U.S.

It all started in Katie’s backyard when she was in the 3rd grade. She grew a 40lb cabbage and donated it to a local soup kitchen, feeding over 270 people. Katie says she started a movement that changed her life forever.

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