Katie’s Blog

This is my first blog. I am really excited about the launch of my new website. I can’t wait to show everyone how easy and fun gardening can be and how rewarding it is to give to people in need. I now have five gardens and I could not have planted them, cared for them, and found the land to plant them on without so many wonderful people!

I want to thank Ms. Jacki from Fields to Families  for helping me find a home for my 40 pound cabbage at Tri County Family Ministries, providing seeds, helping me find an awesome Master Gardener, and supporting me.  I have to thank Ms. Lisa my Master Gardener  for helping me plant, educating my me on gardening,  supporting me, and turning her front yard into a vegetable garden to support my dream. Thanks to Mr. Bob and Ms. Linda for allowing me to have a garden on their farm, loaning me their tractor to till the garden at my school, and teaching me how to drive it.  A big thank you to Mr. Mike for helping plant, regularly water and fertilize my neighborhood garden.  I want to thank my school especially my friends, teachers, and classmates for helping plant over 2,000 seedlings, fertilize, harvest and making garden work days so much fun. I need to thank my headmaster, Dr. Cowlishaw, who has allowed me to have a garden at my school and has helped me water on the weekends.  Thank you to all my friends at Bonnie Plants who have donated an endless amount of seedlings and fertilizer to start and support my gardens. Their 3rd grade Cabbage Program has changed my life! Last but not least thank you to Mr. Brian who created this wonderful website for Katie’s Krops.

This list could go on and on but I want to thank everyone who has helped me with my project. I couldn’t have done it without y’all!!! Be sure to check back for my blog updates and my gardening adventures because it only takes a seedling!!!