Katie’s Cabbage

“In a small Southern town not far from the ocean, there lived a lived a young girl with bright brown eyes that looked at the world with innocence and awe. Her name was Katie. She was just like many kids her age.  Katie loved to play in the sunshine, swim in the pool, and be with her friends.”






Neighbors on their evening walk with their dogs would pass by and comment on Katie’s cabbage.
“Hey, Katie, what are you feeding that thing?  It is almost as big as your brother,” one neighbor commented.
Another neighbor gave his approval, “Wow, Katie, that is truly amazing. I have never seen anything like it.”
“Opa, I need your help to protect my cabbage from the deer. I just can’t let the deer eat my cabbage.  Please can you help me?” Katie asked.
“Don’t you worry, Katie.  I promise no deer will eat your cabbage. We have a date for tomorrow after school.  We are building a cabbage cage.”