Katie’s Krops Dinner Questions & Answers

We often receive many messages on the days of our Katie’s Krops Dinner. Unfortunately, as we are busy in the kitchen preparing, boxing up, and serving 500 plus meals with a small team of volunteers, we cannot check and respond to messages on the day of the dinner. However, we hope that by sharing frequently asked questions our guests will have their questions answered.

Q.) Can I pick up meals for my family members who are not in the car with me?

A.) Yes. All family members do not need to be in the car to receive meals. We understand that high gas prices are a considerable obstacle for many families. Please feel free to carpool or pick up for your neighbors in need. All people do not need to be present to receive meals.

Q.) How can I find out when you have your dinners?

A.) There are a several ways to be informed about our dinner dates. 1.) Visit our website, https://katieskrops.com/our-dinners-meal-distributions/. 2.) Share your phone number and you will receive a call to inform you of upcoming dinners. Please send an email with your complete phone number and name to Katie@KatiesKrops.com. 3.) We place signs up at Summerville Baptist Church letting the community know we are having a dinner that week. 4.) Look for our social media posts. We always post on our Katie’s Krops page when we have a dinner.

Q.) What time do you stop serving meals?

A.) Dinner service ends when all meals have been distributed or at 6 pm, whichever comes first. Recently we have distributed all meals by 5:30 pm.

Q.) What is on the menu?

A.) We base our meals on what we have growing in our Katie’s Krops Gardens. We post on our Facebook page the menu for the upcoming dinner.

Q.) What does the meal cost?

A.) There is no charge for our dinners. Our efforts are focused on helping our neighbors in need and ensuring that no one goes hungry. Donations are always appreciated but never required.

Q.) Can you deliver?

A.) During the pandemic, we started delivering meals to people who were sick with COVID, those without transportation, and those who were unable to drive due to a medical condition. We still continue to deliver many meals. Unfortunately, we can only deliver in Summerville, and recipients need to qualify to receive deliveries. If you have any questions, please email Delivery@KatiesKrops.com.

Q.) Do I need to get out of my car to pick up meals?

A.) We distribute meals drive-thru style. There is no need to get out of your car, and for safety reasons, we ask everyone to stay in their vehicles and follow the directions of our parking lot volunteers.