Katie’s Krops Grant


         Thank you to everyone who applied for a Katie’s Krops grant. I received over two hundred amazing applications which made the choice very hard. My intention was to give out two grants, but as after I read all the applications,it was impossible to select two, even three or four. So, I ended up giving out seven full grants and 3 partial grants!! I want to thank everyone who has made a donation to Katie’s Krops, because you are the reason that I am giving out all seven grants.

I was very happy to see how many people shared my dream! So many kids realized how real hunger is and want to help solve this world problem. When I asked kids why they wanted to receive a grant I received answers like, “When I went to the grocery store with my mom, I realized that the cost of junk food was less than the cost of fresh produce” and “My friends  tell me that sometimes the only time they eat is at school” and “If I could grow a vegetable garden and have other kids help me it can not only feed people in need but also teach other children a skill they can use in their lives.” Having applied for many grants before, I know the disapointment of not receiving one.  I do not want to disappoint anyone if they did not receive a grant, but that is not because I think your dream is not amazing. As I said before, I would love to fund all two hundred grants, but I am not able to. I think every single applicant shares the same incredible dream and just because I am unable to fund you, doesn’t mean you should give up your dream. There are other amazing organizations out there that share the same dream as we do. I started with nothing, but with determination and will power I am now not only living my dream, but I am helping others do so too. Next year, I hope to give out twice the amount of grants I gave out this year.Now I am motivated more than ever to raise funds to achieve that goal!  Again thank you to all of the applicants, I think your dreams are amazing.