Katie’s Krops Guest Blog from Hunter, Canyon & Chance

I am very excited to share the very first guest blog from a Katie’s Krops Grantee. This garden was started by three very special children in a very special location, Kohen’s Park.  I would like to share what they wrote on their grant application. “In 2008, our brother Kohen went to Heaven. We wanted to bring some of the joy Kohen brought to our family to our community. In 2009, we built Kohen’s Park. The park is four acres with a pavilion, basketball court, playground area, sandbox, baseball field and soccer field. There is lots of room for a garden and this is where we would like to make one.  We know a lot of people who are in need. It’s sad to see them struggle to have enough food. Our family does a lot at Kohen’s Park to help people. The garden would help us to help them in a very important way. You are doing so much to help others. We would like to be a part of that too.”

It was an honor to provide Hunter, Canyon and Chance with a grant to start a garden to feed those in need in their community.  Here are their thoughts on the garden that they are growing in Kohen’s Park using kiddy pools. Thank you Hunter, Canyon and Chance!

March 2011

Hunter:     I like the garden because it can help people.  Not all people have enough food.

Canyon:  The gardens are looking really good.  I like the swimming pools.  People were really nice to give us the pools to use.  We put holes in the bottom.   They are different colors.  We spent a lot of time reading about gardens and planting on the computer before we did our shopping.

Chance:  Gardens are fun but a lot of work.  The planting is hard because you have to know how far in the soil to plant and you have to carry the bags of soil and stuff into the garden.   Then you have to mix the topsoil with the manure and put mulch on top to keep the water in the soil so the plants will grow.  We got really dirty but our family all worked together and got it all done.

April 2011

Hunter:  I like the new signs we put up.  There’s a sign for each thing we planted so we can remember what vegetable it is.  There’s also a sign that says that the money for the garden came from Katie’s Krops.  I like that other kids in the park come and help us water the gardens when they are there.  They like to help.

Canyon:  No weeds in the gardens.  I like the swimming pools because they really are easier to take care of than gardens planted in the ground.  We planted herbs this month.  The cabbage plants are starting to roll into a ball and the tomato plants have yellow flowers on them.

Chance:  Watering the gardens is a big responsibility.  Sometimes we use buckets and mix the miracle grow in the water.  Sometimes we use the water hose.  I don’t like the water hose because you have to keep it straight for the water to come out.