Listen to your heart!

Well this short story begins as the weather man tells us about 5 or 6 weeks ago that growing season is over, done, that’s it! I however did not listen to the weather man, I listened to my heart. And what did my heart say, it said that growing season was not over. I did not pull out all of my plants, despite those that told me too. It has been the coldest December on record, here in Charleston, but that  did not stop me. Even when it got so cold that the pipes froze, leaving no water at my Pinewood Garden I was not detoured. They are too many hungry people in the Lowcountry & I wanted to, need to, help them. My plants were hearty too; those freezing nights and snow shower we had here in Summerville did not kill my plants. What do I have as a prize from listening to my heart, lettuce, beautiful lettuce. That might not be much of a prize, but it is something, something worth celebrating. I did not listen to the weather man or to those who told me my plants would not survive. So, the moral of this story; listen to your heart. Today I harvested a row of beautiful lettuce that will go to Tri County Family Ministries to feed people in need tomorrow. I am so very happy that I listened to my heart, it never steers me wrong!


My beautiful Bonnie Plants Red Sails Lettuce!

Thanks for the great baskets Miss. Anita!