Mr. Bob Rocks!

Something amazing happen today!
A year ago I didn’t even know Mr. Bob until he showed up at a vegetable (food)  drive I was having to collected fresh veggies for the soup kitchens. That day he told me that  he wanted to help me.  He let me borrow his rocking John Deer Tractor with AC and sate-light radio.  He gave me a large plot of land on his farm to grow vegetables for the soup kitchens but today he out did himself!  I went out to his farm and I found out he’d built a greenhouse and a whole maze of planters with a beautiful fountain in the middle for me to use! They look amazing! I’m going to store my seed trays there. This year planting will be so much easier on his farm because we won’t have to bend down to plant! We can just use the handy planters! I was so happy when I saw all the wonderful things he’d done for me! The greenhouse is amazing (it even has ducks, real live ducks in it). Thanks Mr. Bob you rock and thank you to everyone who helps and supports me.

I couldn’t do this without you.