My Memorial Day

       Today ( Monday May 31st) I took a trip to Tri  County Family Ministries. I donated two giant cabbages, a bag of peppers, a bag of eggplant, and a bag of basil as well as some plants. They have started a small garden in three tiny green boxes. I gave them some herbs, oregono, thyme, and rosemerry to add. I also learned that they are in trouble. Tri County’s donations have gone done close to 25%, they need all the fresh vegetables and canned food they can get. I plan to help them by holding a food drive and donating as many fresh vegetable as I can from my gardens. I hope they get more doantions soon. If you are reading this you can do something to help too. Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up an extra can of food and drop it off at your local soup kitchen because I’m sure they need it too. Those extra vegetables in your garden can also find a home at the soup kitchen as well. No donation is ever to small!