My very first watermelon!

Every year we plant watermelon seeds in hopes of getting a big, juicy, delcious melon. Yet every year we still get no watermelons or fist size watermelons that die or crack from the heat. Well this year we got lucky! Out on Mr. Bob’s farm with my two little girl volunteers we planted some watermelon seeds donated to us from Ferry-Mores. Today we went up check the garden and there was a twenty pound watermelon right in front on our eyes. I was absolutely amazed that I grew that! Even though I have grown a freakishly large cabbage before I have never managed to grow a watermelon, but there is a first time for everything! Thank you to my two volunteers Reese and Georgia for their magical touch! I am proud to say that my watermelon,which weighed in at a whooping twenty pounds, was donated to Eagle Harbor Ranch. Eagle Harbor Ranch is a a home for abused, neglected or homeless children. I am very happy to have been able to help them.

Thank you Ferry-Morse for supplying the seeds to help feed people in need!


Planting our Ferry-Morse watermelon seeds!

My amazing volunteers Reese & Georgia!


 The end product! Beautiful!