Never Giving Up!!!

Gardening may be fun and easy, but it can also be hard at times. My garden in my neighborhood is exactly that, a challenge. If getting eating by mountains of fire ants (some piles are twice as big as the cabbages), having rabbits and deer use the garden as a restaurant, having vandals destroy it, and trying to raise money to fix the problems doesn’t sound hard, then I don’t know what does. Well, that is what we have to deal with to keep the garden going. I would hate to let it go, so I’m not giving up!  We are going to fight the mountains of fire ants. Hopefully something will work (any suggestions please send them our way)! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! We’re also trying to find someone to donate a better fence, one the deer and rabbits can’t cross!  Any offers to donate a fence would be sooooo appreciated! There is nothing we can do about the vandals but hope they don’t come back & hope they realize how many people this garden can help feed! I really hope I can keep this garden. I am not giving up!