New School Year!


As Phineus and Ferb would say (wait a second, Ferb doesn’t say much, so as Phineus would say), 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along to end it, the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. Well that’s not the case for me. I had a blast this summer working in my gardens, swimming, and playing tennis. School starts in two days. New year. New grade. Fresh start. And I have a locker now!!!! I am really excited about starting 6th grade!

                There are so many exciting things I am working on this year like working with a school in South Africa and starting a huge composting program in my school! I also see chickens in my near future.  That is just a sneak preview of the year ahead!   I also will be working closely with my 6th grade science class, planting seeds, testing soil, and creating “potions” to keep deer and fire ants away!

                Fall planting season is getting closer and closer.  We plan to have a big crop of lettuce this year. We will be using a lot of the seeds from Disney too! Thanks again Disney Gardeners at the Land in Epcot for all your help and support! And thanks to Mr. Bob and his AWESOME greenhouse we will be able to start tons of seeds there!!! We are going to re-till the Pine Forest garden to plant potatoes too. I can’t wait! I would go on and on in this blog but it there is a lot to do and I promise I will keep you posted on all of my new garden adventures!