One Step at a Time

Like many people may say, Christmas is a special time. For The Palmetto House this year, I am sure it was a great one! In early December, I received a letter saying The Palmetto House (the soup kitchen/homeless shelter I donate to) was struggling to keep their doors open. I was recently selected as a Build-A-Bear Workshop 2009 Huggable Hero. As well as a wonderful trip in which I was able to meet the 11 other honorees and participate in fun activities, I was given a generous donation towards my college education and my dream. After giving it some thought, I decided that I would donate $750 of the funds from Build a Bear to The Palmetto House to help them stay afloat. It just wouldn’t be the same without them to donate my vegetables to. I know what I donated was only a small portion of what they need, but I know it will help. They are still struggling and could use all the help they can get. These people have become my friends and I couldn’t bear to have them close the doors because of lack of money. They help so many people.  I will keep them in my prayers that they find the money they need to stay open.