Our Soil³ Compost Fundraiser to Help You Grow

Ready to get growing this spring? Don’t miss our new Katie’s Krops fundraiser perfect for gardeners!

Our Soil³ Compost Fundraiser offers you $20 savings on each cubic yard BigYellowBag of compost that you purchase. And while you get quality compost for your garden – you also support Katies Krops because we get $15 for every bag that you buy! The bag will be delivered directly to YOU!

Soil³ compost comes in a BigYellowBag that means no mess! The bag is tied shut, so if you don’t use the compost all at once, you can keep the rain out. This makes it easy to have quality compost handy anytime you are planting something new or filling a container. Plus, it is more cost-effective than buying lots of small bags of compost, and you don’t have to tote all those bags yourself. Delivery is simple and complies with social distancing.

The regular price for a cubic yard BigYellowBag of Soil³ humus compost is $199.99. With our discount code KatiesKrops1 you will save $20 and pay $179.99 plus tax. Delivery is included! Please make sure you only order online at Soil3.com with our code KatiesKrops1This special code is valid from March 16-30 and is available in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, and sections of Tennessee. Click here to order https://shop.soil3.com/discount/KatiesKrops1

And a shameless plug, if anyone would like to donate a bag for our garden we would be extremely grateful!!! Thank you for helping us grow!