Sad News to Share~ Seeds of Change program has been suspended

We share that we have to suspend our ‘Seeds of Change’ program with a heavy heart. Many letters with seed packets were returned when we visited our post office box today.

Before launching this year’s program, we visited our post office to determine how much postage would be needed to mail each envelope with four seeds packets included. The envelope was open, and it was clear that we were mailing seeds which we have done for three years now.

When the envelopes were returned today stating that an additional $3.72 was needed per envelope, we questioned why. Unfortunately, we are now being told that seeds must be mailed in a mailer, not an envelope, and the cost to mail will be over $4.00.

Sadly due to this development, we cannot continue the program as it has been run for three years. It is heartbreaking that we cannot honor the requests and help families across the country plant gardens this year. We simply cannot afford this massive increase in postage. We will look at new ways to continue our Seeds of Change program that does not involve mailing them directly to your home. Again, we are very sorry.