Serving up an Amazing Night!

I had the best day yesterday! It was one of those days where everything comes together and feels so ‘right’! After an amazing day my friends and teachers came together to cook and serve dinner at the Palmetto House. We had the most beautiful peppers and eggplant that we harvest fresh that day from the school garden (thanks Bonnie Plants) to cook and serve. The weather was terrible but that did not keep the guests of the soup kitchen away as a matter of fact the Palmetto House had the most guest they have had since they were able to reopen for dinner. It was a packed house.

The 1st graders at my school made the cutest placemats, my friends and classmates worked so hard making a fresh green salad, chicken, vegetable stir-fry, rolls, mashed potatoes and apple crisp! It was such a special night. It feels amazing to come together to make a difference in the lives of so many people! A super special thank you to Ms. Fuller my Earth Science teacher and Mr. McNeill for making this dinner possible. I know that this is just the 1st of many great nights cooking the vegetables that Katie’s Krops grows thanks to my Pinewood Family!