Sponsorship Opportunities to Help Katie’s Krops Grow

We currently have three sponsorship opportunities to help support Katie’s Krops
and our efforts to grow a healthy end to hunger, one vegetable garden at a time.

Sponsor Fall Garden Classes-
When inflation is high, everyone pays the price. However, research shows
that lower-income families suffer the most. Individuals and families across our
community see the impact of inflation at the grocery store daily, with many now
struggling to put food on their tables every night. We are blessed to live in a
climate where we can grow year-round. We have grown a fall and winter garden
at Katie’s Krops for thirteen years, and now we want to teach others how to grow
their own food this fall and winter!
With your support, we will launch a fall gardening program taught by our experts
to provide individuals and families with the tools and knowledge to grow their
own food. In addition, we are connecting with other local non-profits, such as
Hearts for Summerville, to help those at risk for food insecurity learn from
our fall gardening classes. There will be classes for children and adults, and
we intend to provide the supplies necessary to start and grow a garden to
attendees of every course.
A sponsorship of $1,750 will make this program possible.

Sponsor the Katie’s Krops 12th Anniversary Dinner-
For 11 years, we have hosted free garden-to-table dinners. When the pandemic
hit, we tripled our efforts, and that work continues today. What makes our
dinners extra special in the produce we use in the meals is grown in our gardens
by our fantastic youth growers. The meals are prepared and served by youth
volunteers under the director of our fantastic head chef Ryan. On October 6 th, we
will celebrate twelve years of Katie’s Krops Dinners! We are seeking a sponsor
that will allow us to create a wonderful celebration for our guests.
A sponsorship of $1,600 will make the anniversary dinner possible.

Sponsor our 2023 Gardens
We have supported over one hundred youth-based Katie’s Krops gardens,
growing across the United States for twelve years. We support our existing
Katie’s Krops gardens every year while welcoming new Katie’s Krops growers to
the family. There are three ways to sponsor the 2023 Katie’s Krops
-New Grower Sponsor- $4,500 will allow us to welcome twelve new youth
growers in 2023.
-A Silver Sponsorship of $6,000 will allow us to continue to support twelve
existing Katie’s Krops Gardens.
-A Gold Sponsorship of $12,000 will allow us to continue to support twenty-four
existing youth Katie’s Krops Growers.
-A Platnum Sponsorship of $25,000 will allow us to continue to support fifty
Katie’s Krops gardens growing across the country.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have more questions, please contact Katie and Katie@KatiesKrops.com.