Yesterday, (Saturday, April 17), planting day at the Pallmetto House garden, was a HUGE sucsess!! In an two hours we planted over three hundred plants (that is what happens when you works as a team)!!! I was so happy to have residents of the homeless shelter help (from the past and present). I had alot of friend and family there too! My friend Arrington, her mom and sister Lydia, The Makeys, Lily and Eloise (former residents), Mr. Colin, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Albert (current residents) my grandparents, my mom, my master gardener Ms. Lisa and her husband Ty, my little brother John Michael who worked very hard (I am very proud of you John Michael) and everyone else who helped make this garden possible.The new garden looks amazing! We planted about eight rows of vegetables, Tomatoes, Peppers (Bell and Banana),Starwberries, Eggplant, squash, zuchani. potatoes, Okra, and a patch of herbs. Also flowers to attract bees (white ones).

     This garden is really special for alot of reasons!

                                            1. This is the first garden I’ve been asked to start.

                                            2.  This is the first garden at a homeless shelter/ soup kitchen

                                            3. The residents helped plant it

                                            4. They’ll have fresh vegetables to eat right in their backyard

                                            5. This is my sixth garden!!!! 

  Thank you to everyone who helped make this garden possible!!!

Bonnie Plants

Mr. Colin and Mr. Kevin

Ms. Lisa and Mr. Ty

The Pallmetto House

Troy Bilt

 My friends at People Magazine

And all my friends and supporters