Summer Vacation

I am in the car on my way home from a trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I visited my grandmother. My grandmother lives in an area where lots of people come to vacation over the summer and rent beautiful houses near the beach. We stayed in a vacation home too. We had a full kitchen which was great and we made breakfast and lunch every day. When we left on Friday, we tried to bring all of the leftover food that we could home, but we had to leave some food there, milk, eggs, bread, etc.  We just didn’t have any room in our cooler.

My mom, dad and I started talking about home many people probably leave food in their vacation homes when they are done with their trip or just throw the food away. So much good food must go to waste. Imagine what could be done with all that food.   I know when people are on vacation they are most likely not thinking about the homeless and hungry. But what if they did? What if at the end of our vacations in those beautiful beach homes we all came together and found a way to donate that extra food to local shelters and soup kitchen. Imagine the impact we could have on the communities we vacationed in. Right now it is just a thought but there must be a way to save that food and help people in need. Maybe before you rented a house you were asked to fill out a form asking if you have an extra food left that you would be willing to donate it to a soup kitchen.  Volunteers could pick up the food and bring it to shelters and soup kitchens. Just a thought, but isn’t that how everything starts.