The Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program Growing Dreams.

If it were not for the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program my life would be so different. The giant cabbage I grew from Bonnie Plants transformed my life and opened my eyes to hunger in my community and in the world. I am so greatful that my 3rd grade teacher signed up for the free program. A few days ago I saw the flat of Bonnie Plant cabbages at my school just waiting for the 3rd graders to bring them home. I remember the day I brought home my cabbage and how excited I was to plant it in my backyard. If you are in the 3rd grade or it you are a 3rd grade teacher or a parent of a 3rd grader please make sure that your class is signed up for the free, fun, life changing program. I am so glad my teacher did! Thanks Mrs. Every-Andrew and a HUGE thanks to Bonnie Plants from growing my dream!

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