The Magic of Healthy Living..the weekend!

The Magic of Healthy Living! The Weekend!-

Last weekend I had the honor of participating in an amazing event with Disney. If you watch Disney Channel you know what The Magic of Healthy Living is. For those who don’t The Magic of Healthy Living is a new initiative by Disney to encourage healthy habits by eating healthy and exercising. Disney recently held an essay contest about kids own fun ideas for leading healthier lifestyles at home, in school and in their communities. The fifty winners of this contest received a trip to Disney where they participated in a TRY-athlon with these activities:

  • TRY-athlon activity #1: “Play-Your-Way” – Fun and creative games from different countries, including Chinese jump rope, South African “keep away” and Spanish “dodge ball.”
  • TRY-athlon activity #2: “Pass the Plate” – A lunchtime challenge with Disney World chefs guiding families in preparing quick, balanced and healthy meals.
  • TRY-athlon activity #3: “Bouncing Around the World” – A hunt for playmates in the countries of Epcot World Showcase led by, among others, the Mad Hatter and Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • TRY-athlon activity #4: “Garden of Possibilities– Walt Disney World flower and garden experts guide the kids in planting a variety of vegetable gardens, including a special Italian pizza garden.

The winners didn’t do all these activates alone though. Disney Channel starts Allison Stoner, Daniel Curtis Lee, Jennifer Stone, Caroline Sunshine, and Kenton Duty, NFL football players Barrett Ruud, Mark Herzlich, and Darrell Green as well as all of your favorite Disney characters. And oh there was…Me. From the opening ceremony to the closing, this weekend was full of fun! I spoke during the opening ceremony, telling about Katie’s Krops. Then I planted the “Garden of Possibilities”, the Italian pizza garden. It was so much fun! And the planter; in the shape of a pizza slice! We planted tomatoes, basil, peppers and much more! It was great talking and connecting to the kids too. I even met two kids from South Carolina!

While I was at Disney, I realized that when I started Katie’s Krops, I wanted to provide fresh, healthy vegetables to people in need, but what I didn’t realized was that while doing that I would be exercising and introducing myself to new healthy vegetables!

One of my favorite restaurants of all time is in Disney. The restaurant called The Garden Grill in the Land, serves fresh healthy vegetables from Living with the Land, a ride that shows you all the cool new ways to grow vegetables. The dinner, amazing! They make sweet potato fries, baked, and they rocked! Disney has so many amazing restaurants that serve healthy, delicious food.  

Thank you Disney for allowing me to be a part of such a special event! I have so many new and wonderful ideas for Katie’s Krops: new recipes, new garden ideas and new friends to create the magic of healthy living with!