The ‘Magic’ Seeds….

I recently went on a wonderful trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, where I got a private greenhouse tour in Epcot. The gardener at The Land gave me lots of “magic” seeds and I learned many different and unique ways to grow plants. The Disney greenhouses were absolutely amazing! I saw so many different plants I’d never seen before! I learned many methods they use to grow things in their greenhouses. They use gutters to plant the lettuce in, created a “Tomato Tree” that set the world record for the most tomatoes in one year (32,000), and grow their brussels sprouts hanging with their roots in the air (no dirt!). I tried a cucumber that they grew in their greenhouse and it was really tasty! My little brother who won’t eat anything green couldn’t get enough. It was a blast, but I had another surprise.


There were a lot of interns working there and every time I met one, they presented me with a pack of “Disney magic” seeds. I got everything from Peperoncino to Fairytale Eggplant.

We just started the seeds in seed trays and hopefully the vegetables I grow will be as amazing as the ones they grow at Disney! Even if I’m only half as successful as them I know I will feed thousands of people with the seeds they provided to me. Thank You Disney!!!

P.S. If you ever go to Disney/Epcot be sure to sign up for the “Behind the Seeds Tour”.  It is so amazing.  Tell them Cabbage Katie says ‘Hi’.